Kandi Burruss Reveals She Almost Quit ‘RHOA’: Has She Spoken To Phaedra Parks?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion might have been the most dramatic in the franchise’s history. The reunion was so tumultuous, that star Kandi Burruss was ready to walk away.

Kandi admitted to Us Weekly that she felt she was done after they taped the reunion. The 41-year-old mom claimed she and her husband, Todd Tucker, “thought about throwing up the deuces and saying goodbye.”

The bulk of the reunion special revolved around the salacious gossip that Phaedra Parks spread to her co-star, Porsha Williams. Phaedra admitted to telling Porsha that Kandi and Todd were planning to drug her, so they could take sexual advantage of her and her friend, Shamea Morton.

Porsha had mentioned these rumors throughout the end of the season, as Phaedra had told her she had gotten the information from Kandi herself. After admitting that wasn’t true, all hell broke loose on the two couches.

Phaedra went on to say she had heard the gossip somewhere else and repeated it. She still maintains she did not make up the rumor herself, that it was passed on to her.

All the ladies were outraged at Phaedra’s lie, especially Kandi. It’s understandable why she and Todd were thinking about leaving the show altogether.

Kandi’s co-stars, Andy Cohen, and RHOA fans rallied around the singer to show their support, while rightfully condemning Phaedra simultaneously. With Bravo at her back, the couple ultimately decided to stay into Season 10.

Phaedra was fired after the rest of the cast refused to work with her, and because the rumors she spread were not something the network would stand for.

Kandi said Todd supported her decision to stay and would stand by whatever she chose for the future. She also told Us Weekly that she still has not spoken with Phaedra since the reunion, and never will. She admitted she had no interest in fixing things with her ex-bestie.


The allegations are still sensitive to Kandi, who also admitted she can “co-exist” with Porsha, but is not interested in any kind of friendship. This season, she considers all her other co-star’s good friends. In Season 10 previews, Kandi can even be seen enjoying herself with frenemy NeNe Leakes.

While the new season is reportedly full of drama, Kandi claims if she could battle through the nonsense last season, she “can make it through anything.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 premieres tonight on Bravo.

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]