Photo Of Inside A Dog’s Ear Shows Donald Trump’s Image, Beagle Becomes Overnight Sensation

A photo of inside a dog’s ear is showing an image of Donald Trump and a Beagle has become an overnight sensation because of it. The interior of the animal’s ear shows an astounding resemblance to the U.S. president, a likeness someone spotted before it went crazy on Twitter. The dog’s owner never noticed the coincidence until everyone pointed it out to her.

The dog’s owner is Jade Robinson, who’s photo is tweeted below. She created a crowdfunding page in an effort to get donations for her pup’s vet bill. Apparently, he has ear issues and it’s hard to keep them clean with just regular hygiene at home. The photo was originally posted by @doddsy1975, who noted that Facebook users thought the dog’s ear looked exactly like Donald Trump. As of Sunday, the photo has 39K likes and 16K retweets.

Robinson reveals on the crowdfunding page that her Beagle is 2-years-old and named Chief. She writes that like all Beagles, Chief likes to do a lot of sniffing and keep active. It’s this activity that’s getting his ears dirty and Robinson explains that regular home cleaning isn’t doing the trick anymore. She was shocked to wake up Sunday morning and learn that the photo of inside her dog’s ear had gone viral because it had an image of Donald Trump.

According to Robinson, Chief doesn’t like his ears to be touched, so she had to sneak in some photos while he was sleeping. Chief’s owner is adamant that when she looked and zoomed in and out of the photo “over 20 times,” she never noticed his ear folds were shaped in the image of Donald Trump.

The internet is savvy about finding anything that might resemble famous figures, but especially President Trump. Any animal that has a hint of his trademark hair and matching profile sends social media into overdrive. Not long ago a bird that had a fluffy orange top of feathers went viral as well because it resembled the president.

Do you think the photo of inside this dog’s ear looks like Donald Trump?

[Featured Image by Alexey Androsov/Shutterstock]