Cop Punches Woman, Gets 17K Views: Miami-Dade Police Investigating University Of Miami Football Punch [Video]

There was an incident caught on video at Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday evening that now has the Miami-Dade Police Department looking into the matter. As seen in the below viral video from the Barstool Miami Instagram page, police officers can be seen wrestling with a female University of Miami football fan as she is being carried out. During the melee, the woman can be seen reaching over and slapping the face of an officer. The cop, in turn, punches the woman. According to Local 10 News, the cop who punched the woman has not been named, nor has the woman, who was reportedly drunk when she was removed from the stadium.

However, police have seen the video, according to Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, and they are looking into the incident. There is at least one female officer who can be seen in the 14-second video, along with three male officers, who pick up the woman. As she is being carried out, her University of Miami T-shirt is on display. She attempts to hit the officer once but misses, but her second slap lands on his face and that’s when the male officer hits her so hard that her head snaps back and she appeared to go unconscious.

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The actions of the officer who hit the woman are now under investigation. Miami ended up winning the game over Virginia Teach, with a final score of 28-10 on Saturday, November 4. However, the controversy over the viral video is just beginning.

On Instagram, a variety of reactions about the police officer’s actions — as well as the woman’s actions — are being debated.

“Miami cops don’t play around,” wrote one Instagram user. Others are writing that the male cop should be thrown in jail for his actions, while some folks are coming to the defense of the officer.

“Actually it’s stated that an officer can hit back if he is assaulted. Plus she’s drunk in public and disturbing the peace… SHE’S going to jail.”

Whether drunk and belligerent or dangerous, the woman should not have been hit by the male cop so forcefully, claim some people, who said she should have been handcuffed right away. Others write that the woman should not have struck the man at all.

“It’s not. But as a female, I know the possible consequence of hitting a man… so I don’t do it.”

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