iPhone 4G Part Appears Online, Could Apple Have An iPhone Upgrade Coming Soon?

A part claimed to be the “iPhone 4 Generation Midboard” has appeared online today from a Chinese site that accurately published details of iPhone 3GS parts a month before the 3GS was officially launched.

The midboard, the frame of the phone that holds the internals, doesn’t show anything that exciting (see picture above) but as Gizmodo notes, it could means that a new iPhone might be on the way, sooner rather than some time next year as per the current iPhone product announcement cycle.

Rumors about the iPhone 4G have been swirling for months, with recent rumors claiming that Apple has been testing prototypes on the Verizon network. Notable there is that the phone runs on LTE, the next generation mobile network that is being embraced by both CDMA (Verizon, Sprint) and GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile, all Australian telcos) providers alike.

It’s hardly panic stations for Apple quite yet, with the iPhone remaining the most popular touch screen phone on the market, backed by an app store that offers over 100,000 applications. But the media attention of late has been focused on phones running Google’s Android OS, notably today the announcement of the stunning Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, a phone that quite simply kills the iPhone when it comes to specs. With around 18 Android based phones expected to be on the market shortly, Apple faces a real challenge to the iPhone’s dominance; who knows, it might just pull a rabbit out of its hat with an earlier than expected new iPhone that offers a range of new features to keep the good fight up with its Android competitors.