‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eve Has Another Big Announcement For Victor And Brady, Leaving Them Furious

Eve’s secret marriage to Victor’s late brother was quite a shock, but the sassy widow has another secret to share on Days of Our Lives. This one will send both Victor and Brady reeling.

The following will contain spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you don’t want to know what is coming, now is the time to stop reading.

When Eve showed up and announced that she was Victor’s sister-in-law, it was far from welcome news. The head of the Kiriakis clan was as confused as the viewers of Days of Our Lives. Deimos was so obsessed with Nicole, no one expected a secret wedding had taken place.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Victor will be pushed past his limit by Eve’s next big reveal. Eve will move into the Kiriakis mansion, claiming her piece of the family pie. Victor is furious when she tells them that she is now a major shareholder of Basic Black. This newest revelation makes Eve a threat in Victor’s eyes and he takes action.

Brady Black is Victor’s right-hand guy, and Victor will give him the order to take care of Eve. Her having a financial hold on any of the Kiriakis business dealings is risky, so Victor makes sure Brady’s full attention is on his target. Victor will demote his grandson from his position at Titan Industries until he destroys Eve.

Brady and Victor devise a plan to frame Eve for the murder of her new husband on Days of Our Lives. Brady plants Deimos’ amulet in her purse before she is taken to the Salem police station by Rafe and Eli for questioning. They are counting on the detectives finding the amulet, implicating Eve. Brady is sure he has successfully handled Eve, and Victor is thrilled with his grandson.


Days of Our Lives fans know that Eve is much more resilient than these two are counting on. Eve is able to clear her name in the investigation into the death of Deimos. She offers up a rock-solid alibi for the time in question. Victor and Brady will find themselves in even more of a precarious situation when the attention of the investigators is on them, as Eve turns the tables.

Do you think Eve has more shocking news for Victor? How do you think Brady will handle the additional stress that is coming his way? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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