Kevin Spacey Sexual Harassment Scandal: Harry Dreyfuss Alleges ‘House Of Cards’ Actor Groped Him

Kevin Spacey’s sexual harassment scandal continues to grow. Harry Dreyfuss is the latest to join the growing list of men who have accused the House of Cards actor of sexual harassment and assault. The son of actor Richard Dreyfuss has alleged that Kevin Spacey groped him when he was 18 and that too in his father’s presence.

Harry Dreyfuss has spoken out about being sexually harassed by Kevin Spacey by writing a column for Buzzfeed News. He writes that the incident happened in 2008. He was an 18-year-old senior in high school and was visiting his father for Christmas break. At the time, Kevin Spacey was directing Richard Dreyfuss in a play called Complicit at the Old Vic in London.

“It happened one night when the three of us were alone in Kevin’s apartment rehearsing my father’s lines. My father didn’t see, and I didn’t tell him about the incident for many years. Instead, I spent the next nine years telling people the story at parties for laughs.”

In his guest column, Harry Dreyfuss discloses details of his alleged encounter with Kevin Spacey and calls him a “sexual predator.” Speaking of his first meeting with the actor, he says that he was excited, as well as terrified of meeting him. He was worried that Kevin Spacey might turn out to be “a cold, calculating prick” like the characters he plays onscreen. The House of Cards actor, however, put all his worries to rest, and his eyes lit up seeing the 18-year-old, Harry Dreyfuss writes.

“He gave me such a warm smile, and instead of shaking my hand, he gave me a hug. Instantly, my young-man-perpetually-seeking-father-figures heart melted. All I remember thinking was ‘you’re so nice.'”

The alleged groping incident happened when Harry Dreyfuss accompanied his father to Kevin Spacey’s London apartment. His father was there to read lines for the play. Kevin Spacey asked Harry Dreyfuss to help his father read lines by reading out the dialogues of the other character. Harry Dreyfuss claims that Kevin Spacey put his hand on his thigh while he was helping his father rehearse his lines. And when he tried to get away from him by sitting on the other side of the couch, the two-time Oscar-winning actor followed him and fondled his thigh again, according to Harry Dreyfuss.

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Richard Dreyfuss’ son also writes that he tried to protect himself by putting his own hands on his thighs, but Kevin Spacey “slid his hand between my right hand and my right leg. He’d snuck in.” And then the actor groped his crotch.

“Over the course of about 20 seconds, centimeter by centimeter, Kevin crawled his hand from my thigh over toward my crotch. My mind went blank. Suddenly, he had completed his journey and now he had all of me in his hand.”

Harry Dreyfuss says that he tried to warn Kevin Spacey without alerting his father, who was absorbed in reading the script, oblivious to what was happening. By not protesting loudly, he thought that he was protecting everyone, including his father, Kevin Spacey, and himself.

“I thought I was protecting everyone. I was protecting my dad’s career. I was protecting Kevin, who my dad surely would have tried to punch. I was protecting myself, because I thought one day I’d want to work with this man. Kevin had no reaction and kept his hand there. My eyes went back to the script and I kept reading.”

Richard Dreyfuss found out about the alleged sexual misconduct four or five years after the incident. On Saturday, he took to Twitter to say that he was “incredibly proud” of his son.

Actor Anthony Rapp was the first to come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey, and since his revelation, more than ten men have accused the actor of inappropriate sexual behavior.

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