Larry Hagman’s Home For Sale A Month After ‘Dallas’ Star’s Death

Larry Hagman’s California home is for sale just one month after the Dallas star passed away.

The massive ranch was purchased by Hagman and his wife, Maj, in 1987 in Ojai, California. They quickly turned the 1,500 square-foot home into a 20,000 mansion.

The house boasts a massive nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and five swimming pools, according to Radar Online. Hagman often called the sprawling mansion Heaven.

Larry provided fans with a video tour of the mansion and described how he and his wife looked at the property in Ojai before purchasing. He stated, “I took a look at id and that was on a Monday and Friday we owned the property.”

In explaining their name for their home, Larry said, “[Maj] said ‘This is as close to heaven as I think we’ll ever get.’ ” The Dallas Morning News notes that the property is 43 acres and has actually been on the market since 2009.

Hagman’s home was initially offered for $11 million, but the asking price has since lowered to $6.5 million. Considering that the property is essentially half off what it was, one realtor remarked, “we’ve had a fair amount of interest,” and that the little slice of Heaven could be sold “within a couple of months.

Despite the property’s significance as Larry Hagman’s home, the 20,000 square-foot home has little of the Hagmans’ belongings left. Most of the furniture was sold in an auction in June 2011, though some remains. It comes with the house, along with eco updates that all but take the home “off the grid.”

Would you consider purchasing Larry Hagman’s home in Ojai, California?

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