Questlove’s Recent Comment Might Suggest Jimmy Fallon’s Mother Has Passed Away

Friday’s taping of The Tonight Show was canceled after host Jimmy Fallon needed to leave on a private matter. The Roots drummer, Questlove, recently made a comment causing many to wonder if Jimmy’s mother, Gloria, had passed away.

According to Variety, Fallon’s mother was very sick and in the hospital when the taping was canceled. A previous episode from September was used to fill the time slot. As of right now, there has been no change in the upcoming week’s production.

TMZ caught up with Tonight Show band drummer Questlove today, and asked how Jimmy was doing. At the mention of Fallon’s name, Questlove shook his head and was noticeably upset.

“When you lose someone, it’s always sad,” he told the paparazzi.

There has been no news of Fallon’s mother passing, but Questlove’s comment is causing fans to speculate if a heartbreaking statement is about to come.

The drummer was then asked if he knew when the Tonight Show would be back on, and he let the crowd know he had no idea. Before getting into his car, he promised, no matter what, he’d be there for his friend. Unfortunately, Questlove’s comments make the situation look very grim.

Fallon appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live late Thursday night and was in good spirits. He enjoyed a shot with the host and played many games, which kept the audience laughing. The news of his family matter the next day was a shock, as everything appeared to be fine the night before.

Questlove’s comment has fans pouring out their support for Fallon, whether the news of her passing is true or not.

Jimmy Kimmel also took a personal leave from his late-night program this week. Celebrity guests including Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, and Dave Grohl stood in for the host this week, who took time off to be with his family.

Kimmel’s son was born with a heart defect in May, and his current leave was to be with his child during surgery. The surgery was actually postponed since the family was suffering from colds and it made surgery too risky. Production for the past week was already in motion, so he stayed home with his family.

There has been no comment from Fallon’s reps at this time.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]