Todd Chrisley Hilariously Pranked His Best Friend At The Dentist

Being Todd Chrisley’s friend is a dangerous game. Rascal Flatt’s pianist Jay DeMarcus learned that lesson today when his buddy pranked him while in the dentist chair. The friends didn’t know they would be at the dentist at the same time, and unfortunately for Jay, Todd found out first.

Todd shared the prank video on Instagram earlier, which showed him sneaking into Jay’s room while he was getting his teeth cleaned. The reality star also joked in his caption that Jay needed to have gas just for a teeth cleaning, and called him a “b***h.”

Jay is seen laying in his chair with the gas nozzle on his nose when Todd enters the room. Afraid of being caught, Todd decides to go through a different entrance behind the hygienist.

The hygienist smiled when Todd entered the room and she noticed the camera. She let him sneak by her as she continued her conversation with Jay who was oblivious to the whole situation.

Todd began stroking Jay’s head as the hygienist threw her head back laughing. Because of the gas, Jay didn’t catch on for a while even though laughter was filling the room. Eventually, after the hygienist quit responding to Jay, he tilted his head back and saw Todd who was all smiles.

Jay grabbed Todd’s hand and yelled “What are you doing?” as the whole room shared a laugh. Jay admitted he wasn’t sure what was going on and wasn’t sure why the hygienist would be stroking his head like that. He explained it did make him feel a little more comfortable though!

It was all in good fun, and Jay ended up sharing the video on his own Instagram page. In his caption, he joked he thought “the scalp massage came with the cleaning.”

Just a few days ago, Todd posted a video of Jay playing the piano on Instagram. He bragged at his friend’s piano skills calling him “amazing as usual.” Back in October, Todd also complimented his buddy on his win at the Dove Awards alongside Reba McEntire. The duo nabbed the award for best Bluegrass/Country/Roots Album of the year, according to the GMA.


Todd thanked God that he listened to his parents’ advice of surrounding yourself with good people and hard workers, referring to Jay.

Jay also promotes Todd’s show on his Instagram feed and shows love for his bestie.

Chrisley Knows Best airs Thursday nights on USA.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]