Ian Brady’s Remains Finally Disposed Of During Dead Of Night

Almost six months after his death, infamous serial killer Ian Brady’s remains have at last been disposed of. The 79-year-old’s ashes were scattered in the dead of night, in order to not cause a public scene and create more distress for the remaining members of his victims’ families who are still alive.

According to the BBC, Ian Brady’s ashes were put inside of a biodegradable Himalayan salt urn, which was then “dispatched at sea.” It was essentially ordered beforehand that no ceremony of any kind was to be held, with this rule being followed to the last detail. There were no flowers, no music, or any kind of attention given to the “burial” that would be presented to someone who had not committed the kind of heinous crimes Ian Brady had been put away for.

For months now, reports the Independent, there has been something of an uproar regarding exactly where Ian Brady’s remains would end up, as it was not only the relatives of those he murdered who were concerned regarding the location of the body’s burial. The public also had their reservations, as they did not want the Glasgow native back in his homeland nor buried on the Saddleworth Moor, the latter option of which was allegedly requested by the killer himself. Although the executor of his will, Robin Makin, did his best to make assurance to those in both England and Scotland that no such thing would be happening, in the end the decision was taken out of his hands by the High Court last month as they did not entirely trust his word.

Even though the relatives of Ian Brady’s victims were reportedly fully aware of the plans for his disposal, not all of them agree it was the best way to get rid of him. As revealed by The Sun, Terry West, brother of Lesley-Ann Downey, was furious that the Moors murderer’s ashes were even given enough respect to fill an urn with and then be deposited in a public marina. West feels that the correct thing to do would have been to “flush his ashes down the toilet.” Terry Kilbride, brother of John Kilbride, admits that although he was under the impression that the serial killer would be buried on prison grounds, this option was the “next best thing.”


[Featured Image by AP Images]