Nicolas Cage Broke, Nearly Bankrupt

Actor Nicolas Cage is reported to be broke, and is facing having to declare himself bankrupt due to a massive tax bill from the IRS and other financial problems.

News of Cage’s money issues surfaced last month when the IRS served him with a $6.6 million bill for unpaid back taxes. Cage is suing his financial manager Samuel Levin for $20 million for putting him in the situation to begin with.

According to new reports today, Nicolas Cage’s New Orleans homes have been foreclosed for “unpaid mortgage debts.” Cage is reported to have already sold his Bavarian castle, and his $10 million mansion in Las Vegas and homes in Bel-Air and Rhode Island are both said to be on the market.

There’s also an unconfirmed report that Cage is being sued by a bank for $2 million over an unpaid loan, despite earning $40 million over last year for his acting roles. I guess there’s something in the old saying about keeping some money aside for a rainy day.