A Clever, Brave Dog Saves Its Owner From An Attempted Rape In England

Dogs are believed to be the loyal companions of their owners. They are talented and smart creatures that have accompanied humans for the past several thousand years on Earth. In today’s world, dogs are employed in a variety of services, including police, military, and fire protection, to accomplish tasks that are usually not possible for humans to do. Some people say no other animal in the world can be as sensitive to human emotions as dogs, and these creatures have also proved this belief right time and again.

Recently, a brave dog in the UK proved its loyalty towards its lady owner by saving her from an attempted rape.

According to a report published in the Independent, this incident happened in a park in Winnersh, Berkshire. A 36-year-old woman was walking her pet dog in a park near Dunstans Drive on November 2, 2017, when she suddenly found herself being grabbed by a man from behind. This man then pulled the lady to the ground and tried to take her clothes off. However, his intentions to rape the woman failed as the pet dog of the woman became highly aggressive and attacked the man. This brave dog fought the man off and forced him to flee the scene.

“The victim’s dog became aggressive towards him and he then fled the scene,” a spokesperson for Thames Valley Police revealed.

A dog jumping over a fence
Dogs are talented and smart creatures [Image by Ronald Dumont/Getty Images]

According to the Police, the woman was severely distressed due to this incident. She was also provided counseling by special officers.

The victim later revealed some details about the suspect to the police. According to the victim, the suspect was about 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 cm) in height and was in his thirties. He had tanned skin and was clean-shaved. He was wearing a black top on that evening.

Police have released the sketch of the suspect and are currently hunting for this person. Officials have appealed the public to contact police if they have any information about the suspect. They have also promised to nab the suspect soon.

The police officials also have words of praise for woman’s pet dog that eventually saved the woman from the suspect. In a similar incident in Chicago two months back, a dog foiled the plot of a man who was trying to kidnap a woman. This kidnapper had grabbed the victim at a parking area and even put a piece of cloth over her mouth. But before he could do anything else, the woman’s pet dog bit him, thus giving ample time for the woman to escape the scene with her pet.

[Featured Image by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images]