Turn Clocks Back 1 Hour This Sunday: Cool Stuff To Do While Sipping Coffee During Extra Hour As DST 2017 Ends

Daylight Saving Time, which is often incorrectly referred to as Daylight Savings Time, will end in the wee hours of Sunday morning. When you go to bed tonight remember to turn your clocks back an hour as Daylight Savings Time ends for 2017. Quite possibly the only perk for turning your clocks back this time of year for the end of the Daylight Saving Time program is that extra hour of sleep that’s yours for the taking tomorrow morning.

Clocks fall back an hour on Sunday, November 5, which is the first Sunday in November. When the clock hits 2 a.m. on Sunday you can say goodbye to Daylight Saving Time and hello to Standard Time for the next four months. Then Daylight Saving Time starts all over again on the second Sunday in March.

While that extra hour is usually earmarked for turning over in your bed and closing your eyes for that 60 extra minutes of sleep, there are some folks who will get up and start their day spending that extra hour wide awake. One hour gives you enough time to do a ton of activities, but depending on your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and activities, each wide-awake individual has their own idea on how to spend the end of Daylight Saving Time’s extra hour tomorrow morning.

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According to My Statesman, there are plenty of things to do with that extra hour on Sunday morning besides snoozing. Here are some ideas gathered together from all around the online world:

  • There are plenty of “On-Demand” episodes of popular shows, and My Statesman recommends watching an episode of the series Stranger Things. For those of you who like the paranormal, there are many shows that are On Demand and Netflix this year worth watching that use some aspect of the paranormal in their plot. The Mist and Ghost Wars are another couple of shows that are intriguing. Whether it’s drama, romance, comedy, horror, DIY, adventure, reality, or paranormal shows that you enjoy the most, there are plenty of recorded offerings of hour-long episodes to please just about everyone. A hot cup of coffee or two and an hour of mindless TV watching could be the way to go for a different type of relaxing morning.
  • Hop online and start your holiday shopping. If that takes up too much of your energy on Sunday morning there’s always HSN and QVC at the ready. Curl up with a cup of coffee and watch the professionals sell their wares. For sure you’ll be enticed to buy something, they bank on that!
  • If some of the more mundane choirs on your to-do list have been nagging at you, this could be the time to tackle them during that extra hour on Sunday. But do you really want to clean out the refrigerator with Daylight Saving Time ending and giving you the gift an entire hour to yourself?
  • My Statesman also suggests you can start that novel you’ve been meaning to get to, but there’s always that chance it is one of those books you can’t put down. This might just be the start of blowing your entire day on reading. Although for some people that would be a luxury.
  • You can “make soup,” “tackle an extra load of laundry” or “take your kids to the park,” suggests My Statesman. Elsewhere online they suggest drawing a hot bath, loading your favorite relaxing music into your electronic device and taking a soak in the tub for that hour.
  • You can spend that hour catching up on your email, suggests Inc.com. For those of you who are business-minded, you can spend that hour checking up on your competitors online. You can Google yourself and see what the worldwide web has to say about you and yours. You can always update your social media profiles, post a new profile picture, to keep things looking new and up to date.

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