North Korea Accuses Trump Administration Of ‘Genocide’ And ‘Seeking Nuclear World War 3’

Tensions remain high between the U.S. and North Korea. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been trading insults for months. Donald Trump has branded the North Korean leader as “the little rocket man,” while Kim Jong-un has called Trump a “dotard” and a “barking dog.” The nations are at loggerheads over the North Korean regime’s testing of missiles and nuclear bomb tests. As reported by the Inquisitr, President Trump has just begun a 12-day trip to Asia, and the intelligence community has suggested that North Korea may conduct another missile test when Trump visits South Korea.

President Trump is now on his way to Japan after attending the Pearl Harbour memorial in Hawaii, he will also visit South Korea, China, and the Philippines. North Korea has a history of conducting tests when major international diplomatic events are taking place, and it seems that Trump’s visit to the region will be no exception.

As reported by Reuters, North Korea has used the occasion to claim that U.S. led sanctions against the hermit nation, are tantamount to “genocide.” Donald Trump was instrumental in the imposition of a new round of sanctions after North Korea tested a nuclear device in September. The sanctions aim to deny North Korea the ability to become a fully fledged nuclear power, something that Trump has said the U.S. will not tolerate. There have been fears that the standoff between the two nations could lead to World War 3.

Donald Trump North Korea
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As President Trump heads to the regions, North Korea has called for the “brutal sanctions” to be lifted, saying that they are tantamount to “genocide.”

“Today the U.S.-led racket of brutal sanctions and pressure against the DPRK constitutes contemporary human rights violation and genocide.”

“[The sanctions regime] threatens and impedes the enjoyment by the people of DPRK of their human rights in all sectors”

Earlier this week President Trump ordered a third aircraft carrier battle group to the region, and both U.S. and Russian bombers flew missions within miles of North Korea. As reported by the Daily Express, North Korea has accused Trump of “seeking to ignite” a nuclear World War 3.

United States Air Force commanders yesterday confirmed a pair of B-1B stealth bombers had flown a training mission near the Korean Peninsula. The North Korean regime has called this a “nuclear bomb dropping simulation” by U.S. “imperialists” who are intent on inciting a nuclear war.


It seems that it isn’t just the North Korean’s who fear that President Trump could start a nuclear World War 3. Earlier this week the Washington Post asked if anyone “can stop Trump from attacking North Korea.” On Monday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “that if President Trump decided to strike North Korea, even with a nuclear weapon, there likely would be no way Congress or anyone else would be able to stop him.”

Those comments have worried politicians in the U.S., with Senator Chris Murphy bringing a bill before Congress that would force Trump to seek Congressional approval for any military action against North Korea. Senator Ben Cardin, a top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee claims that Congress “has not authorized the use of force, so the President does not have the authority to pre-emptively use force.”

There is no doubt that the eyes of the world will be on Donald Trump and North Korea in the coming days.

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