Orville Almon Jr., Lawyer For Las Vegas Shooting Musician Jason Aldean, Dies Unexpectedly Weeks After Attack

Patricia Ramirez

Prominent Nashville attorney, reportedly the lawyer representing country music singer Jason Aldean and the Route 91 music festival involved in the October 1 Las Vegas shooting, Orville Almon Jr., has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 66. As Music Row reports, Orville Almon Jr. opened Almon Law, a private practice, in 2010 and spent his time legally representing the entertainment industry and various musicians during their "battles with the law."

Prior to his unexpected and seemingly untimely death, Orville Almon Jr. had reportedly been involved in negotiating with record companies and drafting "issue-specific" agreements, as well as book deals.

As Your News Wire reports, Almon Jr. used his practice to negotiate with law enforcement and was even renowned for that accomplishment, but the Jason Aldean lawyer apparently had some serious issues and even strain when doing so in connection with the Las Vegas shooting. In social media posts, the lawyer called his interactions and interviews with the FBI, MGM, and Las Vegas Police Department "incredibly strange and complex." While the now-deceased Almon Jr.'s posts have recently been made private, it is widely known that he was privy to so-called "inside information," and that many departments involved in the Las Vegas shooting investigation have ceased both holding press conferences and speaking to the public about the ongoing investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

After the death of Kymberley Suchomel, Las Vegas shooting survivors Dennis and Lorraine Carver died in an inexplicable fiery car crash just blocks from their gated community home. The couple had managed to flee from the scene of the Las Vegas shooting during the Jason Aldean set, hand in hand, and survive uninjured.

According to local Nashville media, Jason Aldean lawyer Orville Almon Jr. passed away from an unexpected "seizure during sleep." His cause of death is similar to Ms. Kymberley Suchomel, which has been listed as "natural causes," despite her young age.

"Feeling lcky to be alive. cant beleive i got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. not evry 1 so lcky."

Now, more than a month after the shooting that took place during the Route 91 Jason Aldean concert, Americans want little more than truthful answers. However, with more and more inexplicable deaths (including that of Aldean lawyer Orville Almon Jr.) piling up, more and more Americans are wondering if some kind of cover-up may be in the works.

What do you think about the slew of inexplicable and unexplained (but seemingly related) deaths following the mass shooting during the Jason Aldean set of the Route 91 music festival? Do you believe that attorney Orville Almon Jr. died of unrelated natural causes or that the death of the Las Vegas shooting lawyer is somehow tied to a bigger, more nefarious picture? Let us know in the comments section below.