‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Paul Admits To Lying, Sends Sonny Running Into Will’s Arms

Days of our Lives fans finally know that Will Horton is alive and well. Both Lucas and Paul saw Will living and working in Memphis, although Lucas believed he imaged seeing his son while he was drunk. However, Paul knows the truth, but he’s not telling anyone about what he’s seen, especially his boyfriend Sonny.

According to the latest Days of our Lives spoilers and news, Paul will lie to Sonny and omit the fact that he’s seen Will living and breathing. However, Paul, being the good guy that he is, won’t be able to keep his secret for long. When Sonny gets out of the hospital, he’ll finally admit to himself that Will is not alive. This will prompt Sonny to re-propose to Paul and ask him to marry him all over again. Sadly, Paul won’t be able to accept the proposal. Instead, he’ll come clean about what he’s seen.

Paul will admit that he kept information from Sonny, and then he’ll reveal that Will Horton is alive. Days of our Lives fans will likely see Sonny Kiriakis be shocked by the revelation, and also hurt by Paul’s betrayal. Of course, Sonny will want to rush to find Will immediately, and he will do so rather quickly.


Will and Sonny will finally reunite when Sonny finds his husband and comes face to face with him for the first time in years. However, judging by the new Days of our Lives weekly preview, Will may not recognize Sonny at all. Although they’ll be reunited, it remains to be seen whether Will will be able to remember Sonny, or even have any memories of his former life.

Days of our Lives rumors reveal that Susan Banks may have something to do with Will’s altered personality, as some fans believe that she’s had Will brainwashed to believe that he is her son, EJ DiMera. Susan took the loss of EJ hard, and if she wasn’t able to bring her son back to life, she may have used Will as a replacement to help her fill the void in her life.

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