Amber Rose's MuvaMoji Has Already Made Her $4 Million A Day After Its Release Despite Being Blasted By Fans

Amber Rose has been blasted, badgered, and trolled on social media for her decision to launch her own line of emojis, MuvaMoji, but it's doubtful she would be too bothered by all the criticism she has received. Because a day after its release, Rose is already $4 million richer thanks to MuvaMoji, and she could expect to rake in a few more million dollars before the week is up.

Although the exact amount of money that Rose has already made from her new line of emojis is not known, inside sources told TMZ that Amber got a "fat check just for signing on with the company that developed the app." Moreover, she will also be getting a cut from the profits that the company makes, which would significantly increase her earnings.

Personally curated by Amber, the app contains more than 900 emojis, and despite all the backlash it has received from social media, it is still doing Amber Rose a world of good -- at least financially. MuvaMojis shot to number one as the most-purchased app after its release March 31, reports Hollywood Life.

This bit of news comes after many accused Amber Rose of intentionally sabotaging and practically ripping off Kim Kardashian's own line of emojis, Kimoji, which she launched in December of last year. The comparisons, it appears, are not altogether unwarranted, because many of MuvaMoji's featured facial emojis are very similar to Kim's app. But Rose has repeatedly denied allegations of plagiarism, saying that her app is a true reflection of her sassy personality.
But while allegations of Amber Rose copying Kim Kardashian's Kimoji line are in many ways legitimate, three is a hint of innovation about MuvaMojis which did not exist in Kim's app. For example, Rose's emoji has a Bill Cosby-themed MuvaMoji, which is as sneaky as it is funny.

There are other innovative emojis too in Amber Rose's app, but it seems people are too occupied with comparing it to Kim's line of emojis to really notice.

In any case, the immediate success of Amber's line of emojis would mean that she would not be too bothered by the comparisons with Kim's app.

More than anything, however, fans expect the relationship between Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian to strain further after their well-documented Twitter feud in February, which saw Rose threatening to spill some dark secrets about Kim's hubby, Kanye West.

In fact, as noted by Bustle, one of the 900-plus emojis on Amber Rose's app references to a salacious and now viral-tweet she sent out to Kanye West. For Rose, personally, the tweet was one of her biggest pop culture moments, and it is not surprising to see it being included in her MuvaMoji list.

But the inclusion of that emoji could further vex Kim and Kanye, who have already had a tough time putting the Rose episode behind them.

It remains to be seen if Amber Rose's MuvaMoji can reach anywhere near the popularity that Kim Kardashian's app reached soon after its release. In fact, Kim's 250-odd emoji line was significantly smaller than Rose's line, but Kim claimed it had crashed the App Store a couple of days after its release. But, even if it does not become as popular, there is little doubt that MuvaMoji is making Amber Rose much more money than she might have initially anticipated.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]