‘My 600-lb Life’ Teretha Update: Teretha Says Goodbye To Being Bedridden As She Enjoys Life In The Front Seat

Teretha Hollis-Neely was arguably one of the most interesting patients ever featured on TLC’s My 600-lb Life. Being a former health coordinator, Teretha was fully aware of the dangers of overeating. Nevertheless, a series of unfortunate events ultimately led her to eat unhealthy food so much that she ended up tipping the scales at more than 800 pounds.

During the course of her featured episodes, Teretha had major problems with mobility. Being grossly overweight, the then-47-year-old could not even stand. When she does get on her feet, she needed about six people to hold her up. Otherwise, she was pretty much confined to her bed.

What was particularly sad about Teretha’s plight then was the fact that her condition was putting undue stress on her husband, Derrick, who was ill himself. Many My 600-lb Life viewers were sympathetic toward Teretha’s husband, who was taking care of Teretha most of the time.

Teretha’s stress over her health condition did not help, either. During her featured episodes, Teretha made it very evident that she was incredibly anxious about the possibility of her getting a stroke, especially since her own mother died after one. When Teretha’s featured episode ended, viewers were mostly left with more questions than answers, as the Detroit native was lighter yet still bedridden.

Since her feature back in early 2016, however, Teretha has pretty much turned her life around. As could be seen in Teretha’s personal Facebook page, the My 600-lb Life star actually continued losing weight long after the cameras stopped rolling.

While Teretha has not revealed her actual weight, she does look significantly slimmer now than before. Her Facebook page is filled with photos of her family, and the occasional selfie she uploads shows her looking far less stressed and a lot happier than when she first appeared on the hit reality TV show. Teretha is even comfortable enough to share videos of her working out.

Last August, Teretha posted a particularly heartwarming milestone in her My 600-lb Life journey. As stated by the reality TV star, she was finally able to enjoy a car ride while sitting on the front seat. According to the Detroit native, feeling the sun on her face as she rode in a car was exhilarating.

“It felt AWESOME to have the sun on my face from the front seat of a car!! I haven’t rode(sic) in a car in 3 years my form of transportation had been by EMS on a stretcher!!!”

Considering the progress that Teretha has made over the past couple of years, it is difficult not to root for her. She is, after all, one of the patients in TLC’s hit reality TV show who really took her weight-loss journey seriously.

If the My 600-lb Life star’s personal Facebook page is any indication, it seems like her efforts are finally paying off.

[Featured Image by Teretha Hollis-Neely/Facebook]