‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Says She Loves ‘Living On The Farm’ After Fans Ask If She Had Moved

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff took to social media recently to put to rest any rumors that she had moved off of Roloff Farms. The 53-year-old Roloff matriarch spent Tuesday away from Roloff Farms, and a photo taken from someone else’s house sparked questions from fans about a possible move. Amy Roloff was quick to reply back to fan questions, saying that she hasn’t moved and that she loves “living on the farm.”

Amy Roloff shocks Little People, Big World fans by regularly replying back to them via her business and personal Facebook accounts. Both Matt and Amy Roloff have said that they appreciate the love and support from fans of their long-running TLC reality TV series, Little People, Big World, and both Matt and Amy Roloff communicate with fans on social media by posting updates and answering questions. Some fans have even asked if that’s really them replying back, especially since Amy Roloff usually replies back to comments on her business Facebook page with her personal Facebook account.

After Amy Roloff answered the same fan question more than once about a photo that she shared last Tuesday night, one fan commented back, asking if this is “really Amy” or if she has “people” to manage her Facebook account. The photo was taken on Halloween and shows Amy Roloff handing out candy at someone else’s house, and fans of Little People, Big World were quick to ask where she was and if she had moved off of Roloff Farms. Part of Amy’s caption on her October 31 photo was that she never passed out candy “by living on a farm” but also didn’t specify in the caption where she was handing out candy from.

“Where are you?” wrote one commenter, who went on to ask if Amy Roloff was “moving and leaving” the farm.

Another commenter asked, “Did you move off the Roloff Farm?”

“I haven’t moved. I love living on the farm and having the kids come by all of the time. I was at Chris’s house helping to hand out candy to all of the kids that came by. So fun. My kids had other plans.”

Amy Roloff was also quick to defend boyfriend Chris Marek when one fan commented that Chris was “using” Amy, adding that Amy “can do better” than him and that he’s just in it for “getting his face” out there on Little People, Big World.

Heavy shared back in June that Amy Roloff’s relationship with Oregon real estate agent Chris Marek, 54, has been “in the spotlight on the Roloff family’s TLC reality TV series, and fans have routinely criticized Amy for allegedly moving on too quickly from her previous nearly 30-year marriage to Roloff family patriarch Matt Roloff, 56. However, Amy Roloff told fans on Wednesday to not be so quick to make “assumptions about anyone.”

“Try not to make quick assumptions about anyone from what you see on an edited show. My kids had other plans and I was at Chris’s house helping to hand out candy to all of the kids. What a blast.”

Fans of Little People, Big World love that Amy Roloff replies back to them on Facebook but continue to wonder if it’s really Amy answering back, asking “since when” does she reply.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]