Man Pulls Gun On McDonald’s Drive-Thru Worker Because They Did Not Have McMuffins In Warren, Ohio

A McDonald’s worker said she had a gun pulled on her after telling a Warren, Ohio, fast food customer the restaurant did not have steak and egg McMuffins. The unknown man then allegedly hurled some vulgarities at the woman before driving away.

The Warren, Ohio, McDonald’s drive-thru incident happened on Wednesday around 3:30 a.m. Warren police officers are still searching for the man who pulled the gun on the fast-food worker.

The man who allegedly pulled a gun on the McDonald’s drive-thru worker is believed to be around 20-years-old, according to a report by WLWT Cincinnati. The fast-food staffer also told police investigators a male passenger in the car also appeared to be about the same age.

Warren police detective Wayne Mackey said the McDonald’s drive-thru gun incident is one of the most unusual calls the small town Ohio law enforcement department has ever received. Mackey went on to say customers getting upset about an order mistake is not unusual, but he cannot recall anyone ever pulling out a gun to register their extreme displeasure over a missing menu item before.

The McDonald’s steak, egg, and cheese bagel or biscuit is referred to as a McMuffin by customers in some locations. The popular menu item appears to not be currently available in all markets. The steak bagel consists of toasted butter, a steak patty, a folded egg, “melty” American cheese, and grilled onions.

The McDonald’s restaurant is located on Parkman Road in Warren. The man who allegedly pulled a gun on the drive-thru window employee was driving a black Ford Taurus.

The surveillance cameras at the Ohio McDonald’s did not capture any footage of the steak McMuffin incident at the drive-thru window, Fox 8 Cleveland reports.

Greg Hicks, the law director for Warren, told the press he is hoping that someone who was in the area of the McDonald’s during the early morning drive-thru incident saw something that might be helpful to the investigation and will come forward. Hicks said he wants to find the men who were inside the car and get both them “off the street.”

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