‘7 Little Johnstons’ Returning For Fourth Season? TLC Drops Major Hint On Social Media

Is 7 Little Johnstons returning for a fourth season on TLC? Fans have been hoping the family of seven will return to the basic-cable network, and this week, the network dropped a major hint.

As InTouchWeekly reports, Season 3 was something of a disappointment to fans of the family of little people, wrapping up after only six episodes. What’s more, TLC was, and continues to be, quiet about the fate of the show and its family – Amber, Trent, Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, Alex, and Emma – moving forward.

In fact, there was a heartbreaking scene in the final episode of Season 3 that illustrates how hard it can be for the family of little people, and perhaps that scene was an indication that the family might have been rethinking continuing to do the show.

The family was hanging out at an amusement park when they heard another group of children using a derogatory word for little people. Dad Trent used the moment to teach the kids about bigotry.

“What you guys seen [sic] happen at the amusement park with Amber and I and the kids and the kids as an entire family was a prime example of bullying… ‘Midget’ is not a term we accept.”

Still, fans have been clamoring for a return of the popular show, and in a tweet this week, the family’s official Twitter account dropped a major hint. And if you parse what they’re saying, it looks like the show is coming back! When a fan asked if the show was returning, here’s how the family responded:

So far, TLC hasn’t officially confirmed anything, one way or the other, about a possible fourth season of 7 Little Johnstons. But it bears noting that shows about large families, such as Meet The Putmans, Counting On, and Outdaughtered, are TLC’s bread and butter, bringing in over a million viewers to the network each week.

Speaking of Outdaughtered; as previously reported by The Inquisitr, a camera crew was spotted hanging out with the family as they checked out a local farm. There’s no confirmation that it was a TLC crew, but if it was, that means that TLC is bringing back at least one popular show for another season.

Here’s hoping TLC brings back 7 Little Johnstons as well!

[Featured Image by TLC/Instagram]