Jennie Garth Making Fresh Start

Beverly Hills, 90210 is one of the most famous locations in show business, thanks to such celebrities as Luke Perry, Jason Priestly, Shannen Doherty, Executive Producer Aaron Spelling’s kids Tori and Randy, and Jennie Garth. Many of them have moved on to motion picture appearances like “Scary Movie 2” and Kevin Smith’s “Jay and Silent Bob” films.

Jennie Garth has had it tough, only appearing in TV movies and divorcing her 11-year husband Peter Facinelli. She isn’t letting these things keep her down, though.

Garth says:

“I have a list on my iPhone of things that make me happy.”

After three daughters – Luca, Lola and Fiona – and the painful split, she says:

“Now I feel stronger and more confident in my body.”

It shows, as she is now 40 years old and has a figure most 30-year-olds could only dream about. Her secret? Eating clean and exercising five days a week, says

Garth lists her tips on reaching her goals:

Feel happier by inspiring yourself with motivational self esteem boosts, letting others know how you feel in a positive way, and banishing negative self-talk.

Jennie Garth with kids

Motivate yourself to work out. First, put on your exercise clothes to start you in the mindset, focus on the benefits, regularly tell yourself “You can do this”, and bring a friend (in her case, her dog), according to FOX News.

Garth says do morning weigh-ins and avoid the fad diets, because they don’t work. Just focus on eating healthy and stick to it.

It looks as though Jennie Garth is on to something, and if her career plans go where she expects, her recent coupling with “90210” costar Luke Perry could definitely be part of a new beginning.