Man Ate 639 Two-Inch Nails, Surgeons Use Magnets To Remove Them From His Stomach

Doctors in India saved the life of a man who swallowed 639 two-inch nails. The surgeons at the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital successfully carried out a surgical operation to remove the nails without piercing the man’s intestines. They removed the nails from the man’s intestines by using magnets to draw them out.

The doctors also said it was a miracle that the sharp iron nails did not pierce the man’s stomach and intestines before he was brought to the hospital, and before surgery could be performed.

The man was taken to the hospital last month after complaining of pain in the stomach. He also vomited repeatedly.

The man is reportedly a psychiatric patient. He suffers from a form of mental illness known as schizophrenia. He has the habit of eating nails and swallowing clumps of earth, according to the Times of India.

A video uploaded online (see below) shows the surgeons performing a surgical operation to save the man’s life. The doctors had earlier performed an endoscopy, and were astonished to discover that the 48-year-old Indian man had hundreds of spiky nails in his stomach. They then carried out a surgical operation to remove the nails. The operation lasted nearly two hours.

“The 48-year-old Gobargdanga resident is schizophrenic and used to gulp nails regularly. He had a complaint of pain in the stomach and used to vomit regularly. He was brought to the hospital two weeks ago. We spotted several nails in his intestine after an endoscopy.”

The surgeons made a small incision in the man’s abdomen and then used magnets to draw out the nails. After the doctors had removed the nails, they weighed them on a scale.

The 639 nails removed from the man’s intestines weighed 1.3 kilograms (6.6 pounds).

“We made a 10cm incision in the abdomen and removed the nails using a magnet.We also extracted soil.”

“The nails had displaced the intestine,” said Dr. Siddhartha Biswas, an associate professor of surgery, who was part of the team that performed the operation. “The nails are mostly bigger than two inches and quite sharp but luckily there was no major perforation in the GI tract.”


The bizarre report from India comes soon after surgeons at the University of Florida College of Medicine removed a cigarette lighter from the stomach of a man who was brought to the hospital after complaining of stomach pain, according to the Daily Mail. The surgeons conducted a surgical operation to remove the lighter from the man’s stomach after scans revealed the foreign object lodged in his stomach.

The Florida man was also a psychiatric patient who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The man had swallowed other strange objects in the past, including a spoon.

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