‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Is Finally Spotted, Susan Comes Clean

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Will Horton will finally be seen in the flesh very soon. DOOL fans will finally get a glimpse of Will in the real world, and the sighting will lead to a very dramatic storyline for Paul, Sonny, Sami, Lucas, and all of those involved in the search for Will.

According to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, Susan will surprise Sami, Marlena, and John with a shotgun. Susan will reportedly threaten to use the gun on the group if they don’t leave her home immediately. However, Marlena and John will probably try to get Susan to talk to them calmly. Sami may have other ideas. She will be anxious to find out what Susan knows about her son’s whereabouts, and although she won’t get all of the answers she’s looking for, Susan will confess some knowledge about what happened to Will.

Meanwhile, Lucas will be spending his time at a bar in Memphis. As Days of Our Lives fans know, Lucas and Adrienne have officially ended their relationship and he’ll want alcohol to help him deal with the pain. Although Lucas has fallen off the wagon, and is at times out of control when he drinks, he will see something that shocks him. Lucas will believe he sees Will at the bar. However, Lucas has envisioned conversations with his son in the past while drinking, so it seems likely that he’ll believe he is imagining Will due to his sadness mixed with alcohol.

While Lucas will be able to write off his Will sighting, one Days of Our Lives character will not. Spoilers reveal that Paul Narita will be the first to actually see Will Horton, and know that he is alive and living in Memphis. While Paul will be burdened with knowing this information before anyone else, it seems that he may choose to keep it a secret. Paul knows that he will likely lose Sonny if it turns out Will is alive, and he is not ready to say goodbye to the love of his life.

Of course, when Sonny eventually finds out that Paul hid Will’s whereabouts from him, the relationship will suffer a major strain. The two could end up going their separate ways after Sonny and Will reunite.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]