Fans Fear ‘Counting On’ Cancelation May Be Inevitable

The Internet has been fascinated by the Duggar family for years now, ever since the family broadcasted their first television special. But the fascination of the mega-family doesn’t necessarily translate into ratings for the show.

In 2015, the Duggar family’s show 19 Kids and Counting was canceled following the discovery that eldest son, Josh Duggar, had molested four of his younger sisters several years earlier. In its place, a series called Counting On was put on the air focusing on the older Duggar children as they marry and have children of their own.

While public interest in the Duggars’ lives is still high, the show itself has been suffering from plummeting ratings, as some fans complain that the show is boring. Many have stated that watching the Duggar children court, get engaged and get married becomes an endless and boring cycle.

The show had its season finale last week and the Duggar family has stated that they still don’t know if the show will be renewed. Rumors have swirled that Jim Bob Duggar often asks local church members to write to TLC and its parent company to ensure the show continues. But even if that’s true, it may not work this time.

Fans have pointed out that Discovery, TLC’s parent company, released a guide about its shows for 2017, talking about all of the shows they are pushing. While Counting On did air in 2017, fans and critics pointed out that the channel wasn’t really pushing the show. Instead, they seemed to leave it out altogether, leading many to believe that they planned to fizzle it out this year and not have it return for a 2018 run.

Critics of the Duggar family are quick to point out that they will need to get “real jobs” now instead of living off of the show, which could prove difficult due to the lack of the adult children’s education.

Those who do watch Counting On on a regular basis have stated that they would like to see more than just a focus on weddings, courting, and babies. Instead, they say, they would like to see the family celebrate the holidays and other events aside from life cycle events.

[Featured Image by The Duggar Family/Instagram]