Jill Duggar Makes Spelling Errors As Husband Derick Dillard And Kids’ Health Questioned On Instagram

Counting On fans have been speculating whether Jill Duggar is pregnant with her third child. While neither Jill nor her husband, Derick Dillard, have addressed the rumors, they have continued to make posts on Instagram that have riled up their followers. From Jill’s spelling errors to Derick’s unhealthy choices, the fans found plenty of things to be concerned about.

Since Jill and her husband announced that they will discontinue their missions in Central America, they began working with Cross Church College in northwest Arkansas near where her parents live. They started using their Instagram a lot more often to promote various events taking place at their work. Because many of the people they serve now are college students, who come from other countries, they found that social media is a good way to spread the word.

But the latest post that the 26-year-old posted on her Instagram showed that she is still ignorant about many of the international issues. She posted a picture of her hand with notes to pray about various international students attending the University of Arkansas, but she incorrectly spelled one of the countries on the list.

“Praying for these students today who are represented at the University of Arkansas this year,” she wrote as the caption. “Thank you @torry_feole02 for the challenge!”

She left out the “h” in Afghanistan, and many of her fans noted this in the comment section.

“You spelled ‘Afghanistan’ wrong,” one fan corrected her.

“If you are to symbolize a cause or support something in a photograph, then one should make sure the spelling is correct,” another noted. “It isn’t a social media keyboard mistake.”

While his wife was making spelling errors concerning about her work, Derick revealed unhealthy eating and dining habits to his Instagram followers. For a few days in a row, he posted foods that are not good for health presented on paper plates.

“Why do you never use real plates?” one fan asked. “Too lazy to wash your own dishes?”

“It looks revolting,” another one commented.

Then he went on to post a picture of a corndog with a deep fried twinkie that he ate as a snack.

Fans immediate wrote how “disgusting,” “gross,” and “unhealthy” it looked. Others went as far as to suggest that his health might have been on the decline in the past because of his bad eating habits.

“No wonder you are sick,” one commented.

“Please eat healthier! You’re an educated person that should eat wiser to live longer for your family,” another wrote. “Take care of the temple that God has given to you.”

Meanwhile, other fans are still waiting to hear if she is indeed pregnant with another baby. Jill Duggar gave birth to her second son this past July, so while it is unlikely that she is pregnant again, it is not impossible.

[Featured Image by Derick Dillard/Instagram]