Kate Gosselin Gets A Hard Time Over New Family Photo: Why Are Fans Upset?

Kate Gosselin is dealing with a hard time from fans once again. Us Weekly shared the details about why fans are slamming her over a new photo of her family that she shared on social media. This was a simple image of her kids dressed up for Halloween. Most parents take these kinds of pictures, so it wasn’t surprising that Kate would share one of them with her fans.

As you can see below, Kate Gosselin pictured five of her kids in this photo. Her two older daughters must not have gone trick or treating or didn’t want to be in the photo. Two of the girls went as pink dinosaurs, and then two boys and one of the girls went as astronauts. Collin is missing from the picture as usual. He has been gone for a while to live in a place that helps him get assistance for his anger issues.

The fans are slamming Kate Gosselin for the fact that Collin isn’t back home with the other kids yet. One fan noted that he had been gone for about three years. Other fans are defending her and saying that everyone doesn’t know the details about what is going on with Collin and maybe she is making the right decision as his mother. A lot of people feel like she should at least be bringing him home from time to time. Collin hasn’t been featured at all.

So far, Kate Gosselin is just ignoring what they have to say. She hasn’t given any updates in a really long time on her son, and the fans would just like to know how he is doing. When she sent him to this home, Kate made it clear that this is what the doctors thought was the best decision, and Jon made it clear that he didn’t really know what was going on with his son.


Are you shocked to hear that Kate Gosselin is being slammed by fans for this Halloween picture of her kids? Do you feel like she needs to be given a break? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts and don’t miss Kate Plus 8 when it returns to TLC.

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]