‘Destiny 2’ Update Nixes Lost Sector Farming In Faction Rallies, Re-Balances Strike And Public Event Rewards


Destiny 2 received an update Thursday following a few hours of maintenance. Much of the patch is quality of life changes, as expected, but the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC shooter also attempts to re-balance rewards for Strikes, Public Events, and Lost Sectors for the next Faction Rallies event.

Patch 1.0.6 is now available to download for PS4 and Xbox One owners. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 PC players get a slight bump to, which fixes issues relating to Clan rosters and a performance issue.

The new update signals Faction Rallies will return next week as the update seeks to address how Faction Tokens are rewarded. Players discovered easy farming methods for certain Lost Sectors and could easily collect Tokens via Heroic Public Event as well. On the other hand, Strikes were all but ignored during the first event. That changes with the next one.

Regular Strikes have been buffed to reward five to nine Faction Token to Destiny 2 players upon completion. The Nightfall Strike goes even higher with 10 to 18 Faction Token rewarded for the first completion per character.

Heroic Public Events see their Faction Token rewards reduced from eight tokens to only five. Meanwhile, Lost Sector farming during Faction Rallies is effectively killed off as Guardians will no longer receive tokens when destroying enemy resources. The only way to earn tokens from Lost Sectors now is by opening the chest after defeating the boss to earn three Faction Tokens per fireteam member.

Factions are returning to Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

As previously covered, other updates with this patch include the return of Trials of the Nine after a two-week break. Bungie spent that time fixing an emote bug that allowed players to phase through walls.

Quality of life improvements mainly revolved around the Crucible but also make a much-requested fix to public play spaces. Players should expect to spawn with other Guardians more frequently in public space. This should make for fewer solo Public Events or repeated fast travels to find a group.

The spawn system has also been addressed in Crucible. Specifically, Control and Supremacy will both have adjustments to their spawn points, which should hopefully result in players spawning next to enemies less.

Finally, the scoring system Crucible has been updated for Destiny 2 to the following.

  • Clash down to 50 points from 75 points
  • Control down to 90 points from 100 points
  • Supremacy increased to 70 points from 50 points

This is the first update to bring quality of life improvements to Destiny 2 based on player feedback. Expect more in the future with the bulk of the improvements coming with the Season 2 update planned for the release of the Curse of Osiris expansion on December 5.

[Featured Image by Bunge/Activision]