Leah Messer’s Daughters: Did MTV Put Her Kids In A Dangerous Situation?

Leah Messer knows that her fans can be very vocal when they see something they don’t like. She knows that Teen Mom 2 fans can be rather aggressive when it comes to their opinions, but she’s managed to live life in peace for the most part. Her fans don’t show up in West Virginia to look for her, and they aren’t harassing her children at school. In fact, Leah has managed to protect her children from the public, which is something her co-stars may not be able to do. Jenelle Evans has been spotted by fans before, as shown on Teen Mom 2, and people have even called Child Protective Services to ensure Kaiser was alright. Kailyn Lowry has also revealed that fans have stalked her.

So it isn’t surprising that some of her hardcore fans noticed that her daughter’s school bus was featured on Teen Mom 2. The producers and editors are supposed to blur out numbers and places to protect the location of the children, but during one scene, the editors had missed the number on the school bus. In other words, some of Leah’s haters could find out where her children board the bus. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer revealed that she was not alright with this and decided to look into it.

“I was watching Teen Mom and they showed your daughter’s bus number. MTV THAT IS NOT OK! As a parent myself, I would not want random people knowing my child’s bus number! #scaryworldoutthere,” one fan of Teen Mom 2 wrote to Leah, to which Messer replied, “That’s not okay and will look into it. They’re not supposed to show numbers/letters or anything.”

It is possible that the number on the bus isn’t the bus route but merely a representation of the district. Plus, it is possible that Leah’s kids ride a different bus every morning, even though the route is the same. Hopefully, this number won’t mean that crazy fans will have an easier time locating her kids, as they shouldn’t have to deal with obsessed people. Jenelle Evans has had some scary incidents with some stalker fans, as some of them have shown up at her home while others have called Child Protective Services because they wanted her to lose custody of her children. Surely, Leah won’t have to deal with this, but MTV should go back and blur out the bus number just in case.

What do you think about Leah Messer’s fans warning her about the bus number? Do you think the producers may have put her children in danger?

[Featured Image by MTV]