Is Melania Trump Miserable As First Lady? Some Americans Think So, Those Who Spend Time With Her Say Otherwise

Is Melania Trump miserable as First Lady? Some observers seem to think so, as evidenced by her relative quiet and poise. But those who spend time with her say that Donald Trump’s wife is simply a devoted mom whose personality is that of a quiet and circumspect woman who simply doesn’t tend to publicly show emotion.

As Newsweek reports, perhaps no one outside of her family has spent more time with Melania Trump than CNN‘s FLOTUS correspondent Kate Bennett. Kate covered the last 18 months of the Obama administration, before being tasked with covering the First Lady of the Trump administration.

Bennett notes that part of the reason Melania seems so down — to some people anyway — is that her predecessor, Michelle Obama, was downright exuberant. Always confident, always outgoing, and always wearing a smile, Michelle was something of a visual extension of Obama’s campaign message of hope.

Melania, on the other hand, is simply quiet, largely keeping her emotions to herself.

“There’s a real mystery with the First Lady. I sometimes call her the unicorn, because people are fixated by her. She doesn’t emote a lot—she’s quiet, so there’s a lot of differences (not saying good or bad) from what we’re used to.”

That’s not to say that the First Lady is cold and emotionless. Bennett says that Melania’s smile bursts forth, and her warm personality shines though, in specific situations. For example, when she’s around children.

“From what I’ve observed, she really connects well and seems to come alive in a joyful way when she’s around kids. I think we saw that on her trip to Europe this spring when she visited sick children in hospitals and went to schools. It was the most we’ve seen from and heard from her.”

Also, unlike Michelle, who was born and raised in Chicago, Melania was born and raised in Slovenia, in Eastern Europe. Which is to say, cultural differences may have played a role in the way each woman developed her demeanor.

One way in which Melania Trump is not all that different from her predecessor is her devotion motherhood. Like Michelle Obama, Melania is a mother to a young child living in the White House — 11-year-old Barron. Just as Michelle raised daughters Sasha and Malia in the White House, so, too, is Melania focused on raising Barron.

“I’ve also learned that she has a side to her that’s very mom focused, not unlike Michelle Obama. Her primary concern is her son and being a good mom.”

Nevertheless, rumors that she’s unhappy in her marriage and role as First Lady continue to hound Melania. In fact, so prevalent were the rumors that, in October, a conspiracy theory emerged that Melania was sending out a body double to stand in for her in Donald Trump’s public appearances. The conspiracy theory was based largely on some observers misinterpreting footage of the First Lady; in fact, Melania has not been using a body double to stand in for her.

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