‘Prepare For Impeachment,’ Trump Is Warned By Aides As Backlash Over Blaming Son-In-Law Ensues

President Donald Trump has already allegedly placed the blame for his troubles on White House adviser Jared Kushner, his own son-in-law, for being given such bad advice that it caused Trump’s Gallup poll numbers to drop to a paltry 33 percent. Now, Trump is reportedly being warned to take steps to prepare for his impeachment. According to the Independent, Trump is being warned to consider the possibility of impeachment as special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation deepens.

However, in speaking with the New York Times, Trump painted a much different picture than the portrait of a president preparing to be impeached. Trump’s advisers portrayed him as a man who likes to vent about the investigation but then move on to other topics, taking the advice to not attack Mueller directly or to relieve him of his job. Instead of pointing to dipping Gallup poll numbers, Trump bragged about alleged new wonderful poll numbers in swing states without directly specifying the polls.

“I just got fantastic poll numbers. I’m in the office early and leave late; it’s very smooth. Honestly, I’m really enjoying it.”

The publication noted that instead of focusing on potential impeachment, Trump was focused on his upcoming trip to Asia, scheduled to begin on Friday, and bragged about working long hours. With the general public wondering which names could be next on the indictment list that has already nabbed Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, along with his business associate, Rick Gates — as well as former adviser George Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty — Trump’s reaction to Kushner is grabbing plenty of attention on social media.

As seen in the above photo, Jared Kushner listened as President Trump spoke at a White House cabinet meeting on Wednesday, November 1. On Twitter and Facebook, however, people are having strong reactions to Trump allegedly blaming his own son-in-law for his political troubles.

Trump blames Kushner.
[Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

Reactions to Trump reportedly placing blame on Kushner feature Facebook users placing the blame right back on Trump for hiring his son-in-law for a role that he might have been ill-equipped to handle. On Twitter, Trump is getting some of the same backlash, with some social media users blaming both Trump and Kushner, while others place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the famous father-in-law.

A variety of reactions can be read below.

“So, Trump decides to make a 36-year-old, with no experience outside real estate deals, the president’s chief adviser? And he puts him in charge of bringing about peace in the Middle East, too? So, now he realizes the advice his adviser has been giving him is caca.”

“Jared is not innocent by any means, but this groping for a scapegoat at the last minute because Trump is getting so desperate and him using his own son-in-law to throw him under the bus is despicable!”

“Lol narcissists always throw you under the bus eventually. That is to be expected.”

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