‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Discovers Wyatt & Katie Are Together, Reaction To ‘Watie’ Is Shocking

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill (Don Diamont) is in for a shocking surprise when he discovers that his son, Wyatt (Darin Brooks), and ex-wife, Katie (Heather Tom), are madly in love and a couple. Now that Wyatt’s mother, Quinn (Rena Sofer), knows the truth about the couple, she is trying to accept that her son is in control of his own love life and hating Katie as much as she does. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill will soon discover the truth for himself.

There are a number of ways that “Watie” could be revealed to Bill. Quinn caught them in bed together and was livid. She delivered several ultimatums, all of which the couple ignored when they made it clear to her that it was their relationship on their terms. Quinn reacted just as Wyatt and Katie expected her to. Eric (John McCook) also caught the two kissing, and he reacted rather calmly. He told the lovers that they needed to come out with the truth before people found out accidentally and were hurt by the fact that they’re hiding their relationship. In fact, Bill himself has almost walked in on the lovers rolling between the sheets himself in a recent episode.


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers (via Celeb Dirty Laundry) indicate that the two may sit Bill down and tell him the truth. The pair may realize that by continuing to duck and dive, they are, in fact, hurting their relationship, and it is better to get their relationship out in the open because it is obvious that their feelings have continued to grow. If they want to take things further, they will need to make an announcement and tell the world that they’re together and then face the battle head-on.

Bill may also have a surprising reaction to the news, according to the latest spoilers. Bold and the Beautiful fans would normally expect to see Bill hit the roof and then start plotting and scheming to take his revenge. However, all Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that his reaction will stun the couple. It remains to be seen whether the reaction is positive or negative, and given that Wyatt is one of the only people still in his corner at the moment, Bill may not want to alienate him. Could Bill actually support Katie and Wyatt’s relationship, or will he explode and cast away the son who’s stood by him through thick and thin?

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