Grumpy Cat’s Kitten Photo Pops Up Online

Ever since Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation earlier this year people have wondered about the origins of his grumpiness. Was there some traumatic event in Tardar Sauce’s life that instilled an endless amount of grumpiness underneath his fir? Grumpy Cat’s kitten photo recently popped up online but, unfortunately it doesn’t do much to unravel the mystery.

The kitten photo shows the internet sensation nestled in a blanket with four other kittens.

But, for some reason, Grumpy cat doesn’t seem too pleased with the situation.

It turns out that there was no tragic event that scarred Tardar Sauce’s life (except maybe the name). Instead, Grumpy cat was just born that way.

Tardar Sauce has inspired fan art and websites since he popped up on the internet earlier this year. You can now even but T-shirts and coffee mugs with his grumpy face on them.

The cat has even started to raise money for charity. And, or course, he’s also inspired countless memes.

Some have a simple catchphrase like “no,” while others talk about the cat’s dark past. “I had a birthday once. It was terrible.”

Are you a fan of Grumpy Cat?

Here’s the internet sensation’s kitten photo.

grumpy cat kitten photo

Are you a fan of grumpy cat? Are you surprised that this feline’s 15 minutes of fame are still going strong?

grumpy cat