Lydia McLaughlin Speaks Out About Peggy’s Decision To Ignore Her In Iceland

Lydia McLaughlin thought it would be fun to invite all of the ladies to Iceland, so she could do a feature on the country for her magazine, Nobleman. While she had gotten the opportunity to do such a feature because of her work with the magazine, her husband, Doug, felt that it would be better to go on the trip with all of the girls. This way, he could stay at home and care for their three boys, while McLaughlin could go have some fun with the girls. But on the second day, Lydia flipped out when she learned that Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador had kept her out of a group text. She threw the menus at the ladies and was clearly upset about the whole thing. As McLaughlin pointed out, she doesn’t like to be left out, especially not on a trip that she planned.

According to a new Bravo report, Lydia McLaughlin is now speaking out about the incident with Peggy Sulahian. Peggy was clearly upset with the ladies for not letting her care for Vicki Gunvalson, as Vicki was struggling with her health. She was upset because of the comments that were made later, so she decided to skip the shopping day that they all had planned. Lydia made an effort, as she tried to get Peggy’s attention when they got back, and she even got Peggy a gift. But as the hostess of the trip, how did Lydia feel about it all?

“It was so nice to have Peggy join me at the hospital. She really cares about Vicki and is a good friend,” Lydia McLaughlin explained on her Bravo blog, pointing to Peggy’s caring side as Vicki got sick. “The next morning when Peggy wouldn’t join us, I was confused. I had last seen her thinking she was off to bed too and everything was fine. I was getting frustrated as the day progressed since she wasn’t communicating with me. Obviously, a lot happened while I was sleeping!”

It’s interesting that McLaughlin can brush off Sulahian’s behavior the night before but couldn’t shed the feeling that she was purposefully being left out in regards to Tamra Judge’s group text. As Tamra revealed, it was just an accident, but Lydia took it personally. One can imagine she wanted to make Peggy feel good about the situation, which is why she decided to buy her a gift from a store in Iceland.

What do you think about Lydia McLaughlin not being so hard on Peggy Sulahian, even though she had bought her gifts and been pushy with her? Do you think Lydia should step back a bit when it comes to the new housewife?

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