Melinda Pleskovic’s Future Son-In-Law, 20-Year-Old Jeffrey Scullin, Called 911 One Week Before Murder [Video]

The death of Melinda Pleskovic came with controversy, after the 911 call of Melinda’s husband speaking with police went viral, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now, a surprising arrest in connection with the death of Pleskovic has been made. Jeffrey Scullin is a 20-year-old man who was planning to marry Melinda’s daughter. According to, Jeffrey has been arrested and charged with aggravated murder.

The mysterious death of the Strongsville, Ohio, teacher deepened as reports of a 911 call made by Scullin one week prior to her murder made the rounds. Jeffrey’s bond was set at $1 million, but authorities have not yet released further information about how Scullin was allegedly involved in the crime. When the husband of the 49-year-old Melinda spoke with police, telling them that he found her dead body at their Blazing Star Drive home last Monday evening, he claimed he had just gotten home with his “new son-in-law.”

Additional calls to police include Scullin reporting to authorities that he had arrived at the house with Melinda’s husband, where Scullin also lived with Melinda’s daughter.

Melinda and her husband were scheduled to meet one another at Brew Kettle to have dinner on the fateful night she was found dead, after never arriving at the eatery.


Scullin had placed more than one call to 911, with the call made the week prior to Melinda’s death featuring Jeffrey reporting an intruder who allegedly walked into the house. Scullin said that he couldn’t see the person’s face, but only spotted the hands of the man who was approximately his size.

“Probably a male. They were around my size and I’m pretty big.”

Scullin told police that the intruder was wearing a blue hoodie and that they ran out of the home and disappeared into a field behind the house. As the 911 dispatcher told Jeffrey she was sending help, Scullin was asked if he saw the direction the intruder allegedly ran.

After the death of the popular teacher, a medical examiner ruled that Melinda suffered gunshot wounds, according to, along with “sharp force injuries of the trunk with skeletal, vascular and visceral injuries.”


On Facebook, a variety of reactions to the murder are being published, such as those comment listed below.

“The sad thing, me and my co-host was supposed to Dj the wedding, but Anna the daughter had to bury her mom on her wedding day.”

“Something still doesn’t add up. The father claimed to have been with the son in law!! So you would think they both would be charged.”

“Sounds like premeditated murder. So diabolical to be making all these frivolous calls to the police with the end result been trying to cast reasonable doubt on her murdering soon to be son-in-law & possibly others in her family! I hope this poor woman didn’t spend her last year living in fear that someone was trying to break into her house. I’m thinking she probably did. Just sad all around.”

“I’m hoping by now that he is the EX fiance.”

[Featured Image by Melinda Pleskovic/Facebook]