November 2, 2017
Los Angeles Dodgers Could Pursue A Giancarlo Stanton Trade?

Giancarlo Stanton is headed for an offseason full of rumors with the Miami Marlins expected to shop him in trade talks. His name was extremely popular at the 2017 trade deadline and those rumors are expected to heat up in a big way this offseason.

There are quite a few teams who have been mentioned as potential trade destinations if the Marlins do end up trading him. One team that has been mentioned often with his name attached is the San Francisco Giants, who could use a big splash for their offense. Other teams have come into play as well, but there is another NL West team that could make a play for him.

According to Bleacher Report's Joel Reuter, the Los Angeles Dodgers could make a strong offer to the Marlins as well.

Fresh off of a heartbreaking World Series loss to the Houston Astros, the Dodgers will have no problems opening up their checkbooks in order to bring in more talent. Stanton will not be cheap to acquire, but the Dodgers have the farm system to make a deal work should they choose to do so.

Last season with the Marlins, Stanton ended up with a 0.281 batting average to go along with 59 home runs and 132 RBI's. That kind of offensive power might be exactly what puts the Dodgers over the top in the National League.

At just 27 years of age, Stanton still has 10 years left on his contract. That alone would make a trade for him more attractive. Stanton is one of the best power hitters that could be available this offseason.

Another report from the Miami Herald has stated that the Marlins are looking to shed payroll. New ownership would like to get the payroll down to around $90 million, which won't be an easy job. Trading Stanton could make that happen, which seems to make a trade sound more likely this offseason than in years past.

Stanton may not be a one move fix for all of the Dodgers' problems, but he's a good start. His offense would make the Dodgers even more dangerous than they already were this season and would help keep them as favorites in the National League.

Losing a World Series is never easy, but trading for Stanton would help some Dodgers' fans move past it.

Expect to see Stanton's name come up often in trade rumors this offseason. Plenty of teams will be trying to acquire him, but the Dodgers certainly seem like one of the best landing spots for him if the Marlins do end up trading him.

Do you think the Los Angeles Dodgers should pursue a trade for Giancarlo Stanton? What other teams do you think would be good landing spots for the superstar slugger?

[Featured Image by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images]