Blake Shelton Halts Gwen Stefani Wedding: Still Heartbroken Over Miranda Lambert Split, Will They Reconcile?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have reportedly been talking about marriage for months, but according to sources, the country star has halted those plans because he still hasn’t gotten over Miranda Lambert just yet.

According to Life & Style, while Blake Shelton has the time of his life being with Gwen and her kids, having gone through a bitter divorce with his ex-wife drained the life out of The Voice mentor, whom reportedly told friends he’d be more careful if he was to marry again.

It wouldn’t be so much that he’s still in love with Miranda but more so of the fact that Blake Shelton doesn’t want to go through the experience of having his heart broken again through the act of another divorce.

Marriage is something that is very important to the country star, so if he’s going to do it again, especially with Gwen Stefani, he wants to be sure that it’s bound to last this time around and not end up in shambles like his last one.

While Blake Shelton and Stefani are madly in love with one another, “what happened with Miranda is coming between him and Gwen,” a source explains, making it known that Blake is battling with the thought of tying the knot again.

He knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Gwen and her kids, and ultimately start a family of his own, but seeing how his marriage with Miranda ended seems to haunt Shelton all the time, and it makes him doubt whether getting married again is the right move forward.

It’s further explained by Life & Style’s sources that Gwen is completely understanding of the frustration Blake is feeling, and she certainly doesn’t want to rush him into anything that he’s not completely sure about just yet.

While Stefani is fully understanding of Shelton’s plans to perhaps wait a little while before tying the knot, something that the singer is rather pushy with would be the idea of starting a family and having a baby.

With the process of getting pregnant being evidently that much more difficult for a woman of Stefani’s age, that’s something she can’t be so patient with, with sources saying that the couple is definitely still practicing to have a child.

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