Jill Duggar Pregnancy Rumors Gain Steam As Derick Dillard Reportedly Confesses To Inappropriate Behavior

Jill Duggar-Dillard seems to share her parent’s views on birth control and procreation; the proof being that she has given birth to two boys, Israel and Samuel, in the first three years of her marriage to Derick Dillard. Even though she just had her second baby in July, rumors are swirling that the 26-year-old may already be pregnant with baby number three. Could another baby be on the way for the reality star amidst speculation that her husband is cheating on her?

According to the Christian Post, the pregnancy rumors started last month when Duggar-Dillard stepped out with her husband and sons for a homecoming event at Dillard’s alma mater. She wore a white top that was loose around the midsection, and her tummy was noticeably bulging.

A Duggar family Facebook video post featuring Jill Duggar-Dillard and younger sister Johannah preparing food for the family added to the suspicion because the mom of two’s size appeared heavier than normal.

The Dillard’s have not yet confirmed or denied they are having another baby.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that Dillard is finding himself in the position of defending accusations of sexual misconduct. For weeks, fans have speculated that he has been stepping out on the mother of his children. And in a response, that is confusing fans, he hasn’t made any attempt to deny the rumors and instead seems to be confirming them.


Dillard’s activity on social media the past few months has been controversial, and lately, his constant tweets of Bible verses about adultery and prostitutes, along with an article about abstaining from masturbation are convincing fans that he is confessing to cheating on his wife.

Despite his supposed Twitter confessions, Duggar-Dillard is posting on Instagram that all is well in her marriage. She shared a picture of her husband eating at a candlelit table, with the caption, “I [heart] you @derickdillard Ladies, find someone who loves Jesus and takes care of you like this guy does me.”


She went on to write that Dillard made dinner for her and lit the room with candles for the couple’s date night, and the gesture made her feel cherished.

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[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official/Facebook]