Grandmother Scatters Nude Photos Of Son’s Ex Around High School — Surveillance Video Details Grandma’s Ploy

Some grandmothers are known for their killer apple pies and other grandmothers are famous for making a spaghetti sauce to die for, but one grandmother in Kentucky will go down as the grandma who scattered nude photos of her son’s ex throughout the local high school. Frances Joyce Bailey, 60, may have been out for revenge when she unlawfully entered Pleasure Ridge Park High School equipped with a stack of photos showing her son’s ex-girlfriend naked and quickly scattered them about for the kids to find.

Pictures of a woman, whose child happens to be a student at the high school, were found hastily scattered around the girl’s restroom floor and another scattering of the naked photos was found in the school parking lot. Bailey’s grandchild also attends this school. The school surveillance cameras offered up Bailey’s movements throughout the high school from arrival to departure.

For those of you who haven’t visited a school in some years, most schools don’t offer an open-door policy today. To enter the building you need to buzz-in and Bailey was able to slip in behind two students who buzzed themselves into the school.

Once inside, she went to work, scurrying down the hall to the girl’s bathroom where she scattered the pictures of her son’s naked ex on the floor before making her quick getaway. When leaving the parking lot she scattered another group of the nude photos around on an area of grass. The naked pictures of her son’s ex-girlfriend were found by students in the two locations on the school campus.

So why was this grandmother apparently intent on embarrassing her son’s ex-girlfriend in public? According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, the woman in the pictures, her son’s ex-girlfriend, had recently filed an emergency protective order against Bailey’s son.

Bailey had lifted the naked images of her son’s ex off his cell-phone unbeknownst to him and made copies for her apparent distribution campaign. She might not have thought this caper all the way through before dropping pictures along the ground for students to find much like breadcrumbs crumbs for the birds. This act got her in hot water with the authorities and she was arrested.

The kids are all underage who found the rather risque pictures. Bailey was arrested Monday for this incident which occurred last month. She is charged with “distribution of obscene matter, criminal trespassing, and harassment, according to jail records,” according to Fox News.

School officials have reminded the students to be mindful when buzzing their way into the school and to not let unauthorized people into the building. According to Fox, neither Bailey’s son or Bailey’s granddaughter, who is a student at that school, were aware of Bailey’s plot and had nothing to do with the pictures being printed or distributed.

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