WWE Rumors: Huge Backstage News On Kane’s Push And Upcoming Feuds, A Shield Member Could Be His Next Target

The return of Kane to WWE has been phenomenal that has left the WWE Universe shocked. Ever since the Big Red Machine returned to the WWE, he has destroyed his competitors. On the last episode of RAW, Kane sent SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan packing on a stretcher and followed it up with a clean victory over Finn Balor.

The latest WWE rumors reveal that WWE might have bigger plans for Kane. It was recently reported by Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Line that Kane is being pushed as the undefeatable monster leading to a match with Braun Strowman, as noted by ewrestlingnews. It is a perfect ploy to pitch the yesteryear’s monster with the present monster. However, this match is not expected to take place before December.

It is speculated that Braun Strowman will emerge victorious in this match between monsters. This is being seen as the plan to push Strowman as the invincible monster while ensuring he takes over the mantle from Kane. The efforts taken by WWE until now to push Kane are seen as the part of the strategy to ensure this outcome.

It is rumored that Kane’s next target will be the Shield member, Dean Ambrose. On the last episode of RAW, Ambrose had interfered after a match between Kane and Seth Rollins. He also attacked Kane with dirty deeds before Cesaro and Sheamus arrived to help Kane. It appears the Lunatic Fringe will have to face the wrath of the Big Red Machine for attacking him.

Kane's future feud could be with The Shield and Finn Balor where he might end up losing

Kane returned during a match that involved Shield member Roman Reigns and he might meet them again. It is rumored that The Shield will defeat Kane before he exits his current run. It was reported that there could be a story angle between Kane and Roman Reigns considering that the latter had retired Kane’s Kayfabe brother, The Undertaker.

There is a strong possibility for that storyline to emerge if the Deadman is poised to make an in-ring return. Undertaker was recently announced to appear at the Raw’s 25th anniversary along with other legends such as Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash, as reported by Whatculture. Kane’s feud with The Shield can ensure inclusion of The Undertaker in the storyline.

Meanwhile, Finn Balor is also expected to get his revenge match with Kane. Interestingly, Balor was not in his Demon character when he lost to Kane, so expect The Demon to defeat Kane and extract revenge for the recent loss. This will ensure that his character stays strong despite the clean defeat he faced recently.

Do you think Kane’s push should not come at the expense of other superstars such as Finn Balor and Seth Rollins? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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