November 2, 2017
Apple Scandal: Is Your iPhone Saving Photos Of Your Boobs?

Apple has had its fair share of celebrity security mishaps, but this one is new.

According to Twitter user @ellieeewbu, iPhones are apparently saving and actually categorizing photos of your boobs, according to New York Post.

The tweet has already gained more than 15,000 retweets and comments from people who also acknowledged that this was the case. One of those people was Chrissy Teigen. The author, model, and mom showed a screenshot of her iPhone when she typed in the word, "brassiere."

People were alarmed with the news and some are saying that they felt violated.

Other users pointed out that this occurrence only happened on Apple products and not on Android-based smartphones.

Meanwhile, another user defended Apple and its "organizing" stint within everyone's iPhone.

The user noted that this is not something that is solely focused on women's breasts. This has to do with the recognition of the software and its ability to recognize things. If for example, someone types in the word "living room," they would probably see other living room photos if they had those in their iPhone.

Additionally, the user said that this is the same tech Snapchat and Pokémon has that can somehow be related to augmented reality. Still, the user said that this is not a conclusive explanation for Apple's boobs folder.

"This is a theory of mine from prior knowledge and just in a way like an educated assumption [sic]," the user wrote.

But there is some truth in the assumption. According to The Verge, the boobs category has been going on for about a year now, but it's not for the reason people thought.

The breast recognition was only a part of the newly introduced feature together with the iOS 10 in June 2016. Apple explicitly said that this feature is only available on the local device and that the results are not available to the public or the cloud.

"One of the best things about Photos is how it protects your privacy. iOS is designed to take advantage of the powerful processor built into every iPhone and iPad. So when you search your photos, for instance, all the face recognition and scene and object detection are done completely on your device. Which means your photos are yours and yours alone."
The new feature can also recognize seven different facial expressions and about 4,432 keywords which includes the scandalous "brassiere," bra, bras, and more.

To conclude, even though Apple iPhones has the capability to recognize the upper body area of women, these photos are secured and saved locally in one's phone.

[Featured Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]