Jessa Duggar Pens Sweet Letter For Ben Seewald On Their Three-Year Wedding Anniversary

Jessa Duggar got emotional as she celebrated her third wedding anniversary with husband Ben Seewald. The Counting On star wrote a lengthy blog post on their family’s website where she listed down some of Ben’s outstanding qualities.

“I thought we’d reached the pinnacle of our love on this day, three years ago,” Jessa began.

“But since then, you’ve taken me from the mountain top up into the clouds! Darling, I love you more today than ever before.”

Jessa and Ben got married on Nov. 1, 2014, in the Duggar’s church in Arkansas. Like other Duggar weddings, theirs was a large one with over 1,000 guests. It was later made into a special by TLC which aired on their family’s defunct reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. In 2015, the couple welcomed their first child, Spurgeon. In February this year, Jessa gave birth to their second son, Henry.

In Jessa’s heartfelt letter, she stated that their marriage isn’t perfect and that she and Ben also have their “squabbles and disagreements.” She credits Ben’s “meekness and gentleness” for making her realize her shortcomings amid their differences.

Jessa also described her husband as calm and always ready to help ease her stress. The 24-year-old reality star must be referring to her everyday situation as a stay-at-home wife and mother of two young boys.

Just recently, Jessa posted a bunch of photos showing the state of her messy house. She said that she wanted to show her unfiltered and imperfect life. While lots of Counting On fans who are also moms praised Jessa for being real, many were also grossed out over so many soiled diapers just lying around her living space. Thankfully, Jessa has Ben to count on when things at home go a little crazy.

“You are my calm when things are going haywire,” Jessa Duggar tells her husband in her letter.

“You know when I’m stressed you do whatever to help lighten my load.”

Jessa also revealed that Ben Seewald is a great help around the kitchen. Aside from being a great cook, he is also inspiring their family to lead a healthier lifestyle. These little actions, according to Jessa, are what makes her feel loved and blessed.

Other Duggar family members also took the time to publicly greet Ben and Jessa on their anniversary. Jinger Vuolo, Jessa’s younger sister, liked her Instagram post. Meanwhile, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared several throwback photos of the couple, including one of their wedding day.

Jim Bob and Michelle, who referred to themselves as “Mom and Pops Duggar,” described the young couple as wonderful parents to Spurgeon and Henry, and congratulated the two for being an “incredible ministry team.”

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald share their daily lives with their fans through TLC’s Counting On. The reality show has just wrapped up its latest season, with the network still unclear whether it will be renewed.

[Featured Image by Jessa Seewald/Instagram]