Black Panther Vs. Wolverine: Fan-Made Trailer Gives Fans The Chills

There are times that the best ideas don’t come from Hollywood geniuses, but from fans. This time, it definitely gave a powerful impression.

With the launch of the Black Panther trailer, critics have already praised the production for the detailing of the film. Black Panther is already one of the most anticipated films of 2018.

The trailer started with the scene featuring Wolverine. There really is not much background on why the two would collide, but there’s a hint on how it will go. According to Screenrant, it would be Wolverine’s Adamantium that would face Black Panther’s Vibranium in the fan-made plot.

There is very little to know about how Vibranium and Adamantium would collide, but the almost five minute video was made with strategic collages of X-Men and Black Panther scenes.

Though there really is not much of a back story on how these two would go against each other, it was noted that that may not be the point of the video. Stryder HD, YouTube creator known for making trailer mash-ups, had probably thought that this would be a good thing to see in the big screen and fans agreed.

“This has got to be your best trailer yet, fantastic Wolverine intro, loved when Black Panther came into play and tried to help and then actually fights against him, probably the closest we’ll get to a vibranium/adamantium fight we’ll ever get,” wrote Gotham Knight25.

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Stryder HD also tried to incorporate Wolverine in the Black Panther backdrop to make it look more realistic. The combination of the lines worked very well and the entire clip does not seem forced.

Along with the praises for the trailer, fans also began to think about the possibilities of these two superheroes. Who would win?

According to one user, Joey Maxwell, it would be a definite win for Hugh Jackman’s character. Others argue that Black Panther would be stronger.

“Wolverine would win in the end, but this would be a really cool fight to see. Great job!”

Unfortunately for Wolverine and Black Panther fans, this would never happen. As exciting as the idea is, Jackman already bid adieu to his role as the immortal Wolverine in his film, Logan.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney]