‘RHONJ’ News: Gia Giudice Slams Mom Teresa For Lenient Parenting

Everyone has seen Teresa Giudice’s relationship with her daughters on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. People shared that her daughter Gia is now speaking out and slamming her mom for her lenient parenting. This all went down on the new episode tonight where they talked about the way that Teresa parents while her husband Joe is behind bars.

They talked about how Joe was really strict and the girls spent some time alone with him while Teresa was behind bars. Gia explains to her mom that she doesn’t discipline them much because she is afraid that they will hate her. Gia made it obvious that she doesn’t feel like Teresa is parenting the way that she should be.

Gia explains to her that she and Gabriella are both really good kids, but that Milania doesn’t have any boundaries and she needs them. She feels like her sister gets away with too much and that Teresa Giudice needs to be a bit tougher on her sometimes.

Teresa did admit that her parents were strict growing up. She does admit that she doesn’t want to be strict with her kids. Teresa lost her mom not very long ago, her dad is living with her, and her husband Joe is in prison, so things are a lot different for her than they used to be. Teresa said, “I just want to be the best mom I [can be]. I hate to say no … I want us to have fun together.” It was really hard on her to be away from her girls for so long while she was in prison. Joe and Melissa even told her that she is too nice. They are on her side, but they are also being honest with her, and Teresa made it pretty clear that she doesn’t like them giving her a hard time about her parenting.


Were you shocked to hear what Gia had to say to her mom Teresa about her parenting skills? Do you feel like Teresa is way too easy on her girls? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when they air on Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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