‘Fairy Tail’ Next Generation Happening? Manga Creator Hiro Mashima Teases Possibility On Twitter

Is a Fairy Tail next generation series happening? Manga creator Hiro Mashima opened up about the possibility in a teasing post on Twitter, sharing a rough sketch of two characters that look a lot like some of the major characters in the popular manga and anime series.

The well-loved anime and manga series seemed to have become an indispensable factor in the industry after years of epic fantasy adventures both in print and on TV. In fact, it may as well be joining Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto in having a follow-up series that would tell the story about the next generation of characters based on a recent Fairy Tail update.

In July, the manga creator has officially announced on Twitter that the anime is set to continue the events of 2016’s Fairy Tail Zero and will be entering its final season in 2018 just as he ended the manga series, ComicBook.com reported.

Now, Hiro Mashima posted an interesting sketch on his official Twitter page that alluded to the possibility of Fairy Tail next generation, sending fans into a spiral.

In the post, he shared what appeared to be a first look at how the children of two pairs of characters might look like should there be a follow-up to the popular series. Interestingly, the next generation characters looked a lot like the children of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia, and Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster. Check it out.


While it is not surprising to see a young boy character sporting Gray’s looks and Juvia’s gloomy disposition, the geek culture website explained in another report how the female character who donned Natsu’s signature scarf and Lucy’s bewitching good looks came to be in the Fairy Tail next generation sketch.

Apparently, Fairy Tail fans have been asking Hiro about Natsu’s future wife. The matter had been a mystery among manga and anime fans considering that he never engaged in anything other than friendship with the female characters, although he had been linked to Lisanna Strauss and Lucy Heartfilia in a number of occasions.

Finally, the creator revealed who will become Natsu’s lady love when he graced a recent New York Comic-Con event. After receiving the question, Hiro made a sketch of Natsu with Lucy during the event, revealing that the dragon slayer will end up with the golden-haired Celestial Spirit mage after all.

Based on ComicBook’s analysis, Lucy has always been Natsu’s love interest and that Lisanna was only introduced to add some spice to the story as she had been the dragon slayer’s close childhood friend. In fact, Elfman and Mirajane’s little sister had such a big of an impact to fans that many have shipped the love team after she was revealed to be alive and well years after her siblings and the rest of the guild thought she had perished in a freak accident.

On the other hand, the outlet also noted that Natsu did not make any love confession to anyone by the end of the manga series Hiro created. Of course, there is a probability that the manga creator had been saving this particular arc for the Fairy Tail next generation series.

Still, it is best to take this information with a grain of salt since Hiro himself warned fans not to take the sketch too seriously in his Twitter post.

Do you think Hiro Mashima will create a Fairy Tail next generation series in the future? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Hiro Hashima/Fairy Tail Manga/Kodansha]