WWE Rumors: Triple H Making Major Changes To Upcoming Creative Plans

As a result of the viral illness that has plagued Roman Reigns and others in the WWE locker room, Triple H has been wrestling some events during WWE’s tour of South American and Europe. He’s had the chance to become an honorary member of The Shield and more during these shows. With WWE’s tour of the United Kingdom coming this week, The Game was expected to face Finn Balor for the duration of the live events.

However, some major changes were made and Triple H will now be facing The Miz during the UK tour. The reason is that The Game working as a heel during the tour didn’t make a lot of sense and working with Finn Balor wouldn’t have been smart booking for the show. It’s now being reported that Triple H will be making some more changes to the upcoming UK tour because he wants to work with multiple heels during the tour.

Along with The Miz, The Game is expected to work with Samoa Joe and some other heels that should result in a few dream matches happening during the tour. For instance, HHH vs. Joe is a matchup that many fans have been thinking about over the years. With Triple H working as a babyface during the tour, he could be working with some heels to see if there is any real chemistry to start a bigger feud on WWE television soon.

Triple H is Making Some Major Changes to Creative Plans
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After Stephanie McMahon’s return to WWE television earlier this week, the expectation is HHH will begin a rivalry with Kurt Angle over the coming months and the two men will face off at WrestleMania 34. There has also been some speculation about The Game moving to SmackDown Live for a change of pace. Instead, he would work as a babyface and feud with someone like Kevin Owens on the grandest stage of them all.

For the short term, Triple H wants to ensure WWE’s tour of the United Kingdom goes as smoothly as it can in Roman Reigns’ absence. He’s already done an excellent job working as a babyface alongside The Shield, and that will continue over the next week. However, the big question is what The King of Kings will do after he shakes off the ring rust and returns to WWE television over the next few months. Only time will tell.

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