Did ’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Darcey Silva And Jesse Meester Split? Inside Their Very Public Instagram Fight

90 Day Fiance stars Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester became the focus of break up rumors once more after the 43-year-old House of Eleven designer made her jealousy get the best of her in a rant that caused her 24-year-old beau to reveal her “problems with alcohol.”

According to the Hollywood Gossip,Darcey and Jesse’s journey in the show that documents couples’ quest for love while overcoming the struggles of a long-distance relationship and the difficulty of U.S. immigration have been rocky from the beginning. In fact, the 43-year-old American designer and the 24-year-old Dutch fitness model has faced countless struggles not only with their friends and family’s opinion about their age gap but also with their different personalities.

As it turns out, October 29 was one of those days when the 90 Day Fiance couple faced such difficulties after Darcey reportedly attacked one of Jesse’s Instagram followers in what appeared to be a jealousy- and alcohol-fueled comment.

“Maybe you guys got something special. If u want him then just ask him,” she wrote in response to a fan’s comment which has since been deleted.

After finding out about the exchange, the 24-year-old hunk doused the fire with an automatic apology to his fan, alluding to Darcey’s “problem with alcohol” on Sunday.

“Sorry for that! She knows she has a problem with alcohol and shouldn’t do this. She knows she needs help and shouldn’t randomly attack or accuse people when she drinks.”

Based on his comments that were screen-grabbed by Starcasm, Jesse was embarrassed at how his lady love reacted on social media, explaining that Darcey had been having similar episodes several times for over a year before adding a statement that became the clincher to speculations of their split.

“This was just embarrassing. We can only hope and pray this is THE wake-up call.”

By the looks of it, the 90 Day Fiance stars were undergoing a rough patch in their relationship. Less than two weeks ago, Darcey and Jesse appeared lovey-dovey in his Instagram tribute of their anniversary in a lengthy post.

So here we are 1 year down the line... Where do I start! It has been an incredible journey and I am truly grateful for every single moment. The good and the bad. For real. I have no intention for a green card or anything else. Matter of fact: I can already come to the US whenever I feel like it. I started this journey to relish in the most beautiful phenomena out there. LOVE. With giving no relevance to age (apart from biological) I decided to give my all to the woman I am in love with. I have a good life here and all of my friends in the US rather switch. What you see here is pure love. The show was not planned. The reason for me to share something so delicate and beautiful, yet painful and sometimes also hilarious was merely for people to find recognition or inspiration. And you don’t have to agree, please don’t if you feel different. But I invite you to look beyond age, cultural differences and background. Try to just love. I know people at 40 who just started getting out of their little bubble to taste life. Age itself really doesn’t matter to me. Who you are and what you have experienced does. So far you have seen moments of struggle, laughs, pain and vurnebality. But the underlying factor will alway be love. And that is what fuels growth. And as long as the love is there I will love her. It makes me laugh to see how many people get so emotionally caught up in the show. I love her. I really do. How different we may seem. And how sometimes I can not stand you. Love always wins. I love you. Happy anniversary! ❤️ #love #strength #growthmindset #growth #90dayfiance #ageisjustanumber #loveislife #phenomena #respect #laugh #live #love #biological #beforethe90days #43 #24 #body #mind #psychology

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Also, one day after their Instagram fight, Jesse posted a clip of him and Darcey in a sweet Instagram video. It seemed like the clip was made to deny any speculation that they have broken up, as he emphasized how he loved the 43-year-old American with all his heart in the video’s caption.

This time, the 24-year-old 90 Day Fiance star disabled comments for the post, as InTouch Weekly noted how he was accused of faking his previous public fight with Darcey in order to gain attention and build up hype for the show.

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