Chrissy Teigen Dresses Daughter Luna As Adorable Pineapple For Halloween [Photos]

Chrissy Teigen had a fruit-themed Halloween night that featured her toddler daughter, Luna Simone.

Teigen dressed as the flamboyant actress Carmen Miranda from the 1947 film Copacabana, while her husband went as co-star Groucho Marx.

Chrissy was adorned with Carmen’s signature fruit hat, reported Teen Vogue. So, it was only fitting 18-month-old Luna was styled as a pineapple to perfectly accessorize her mother’s costume.

In fact, the site states Luna stole the show with her adorable outfit as she’s seen in Teigen’s Halloween Snapchat posts and Instagram photos.

“[Luna] was dressed as a pineapple in a bright yellow onesie with a spiky green collar, little gold sandals, and a tiny green crown on top of her head.”

John Legend made for the perfect Groucho Marx as he sported a black pinstripe suit, greasepaint eyebrows, and a fake mustache.

Meanwhile, Chrissy’s mother also made an appearance in the Halloween photos as she flaunted a long black wig, white face paint, and a brightly-colored outfit.

Teigen took to Snapchat to make a quick joke about what her mother, Vilailuck, was supposed to be dressed as for the evening.

“Mom is a Thai banana leaf ghost?”

While Chrissy and John’s outfits were fun, it was truly little pineapple Luna that had fans swooning over the couple’s Halloween posts.

In just nine hours, Luna’s photo received almost 450,000 likes from Chrissy’s 14.8 million Instagram followers. The 31-year-old’s fans also left compliments for Luna as they said she’s beautiful and the family is “goals.”

“Omg she’s a little pineapple?! She is so stinking cute.”

Of course, Teigen’s followers may not be surprised by the model’s choice of costume for her daughter as the family is known for its love of food. Chrissy is working on her second cookbook as she regularly shares Snapchat posts of her home-cooked meals.

The mother of one also shared a photo of Luna snacking on a chicken wing during their Halloween festivities, which may prove a love of food runs in the family.

Teigen’s followers seemed to enjoy the fact Luna was taking time from the busy Halloween party to sit down with a wing as they commented on the photo.

“That’s a girl after my own heart.”

Prior to sharing images of Luna as a pineapple, Chrissy posted a look at some photos she and John took at the party. The couple is seen posing in a black and white photo booth as fans call them “real.”

The compliments continued as Teigen’s followers referred to her relationship as adorable and “couples goals.” However, their photo did not receive as many likes as the ones of little Luna dressed in her costume.

Chrissy also took to Instagram to share photos of her daughter painting pumpkins on Halloween as the toddler is seen concentrating on her art. Once again, fans were delighted to see Luna as they left comments of support on the post.

One thing Teigen’s fans can count on is seeing plenty of pictures of her daughter as the model is not shy when it comes to giving the public a look into her fabulous (and adorable) life!

[Featured Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images]