Danielle Staub Says She’s ‘A Little Crazy,’ And Insists Dolores Catania Is Lying About The Teresa Comment

Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey released her blog entry today regarding last Wednesday’s episode. The returning housewife was not shy to call out her co-star, Dolores Catania.

Last Wednesday, Danielle dropped a bombshell on the RHONJ episode, revealing a conversation she supposedly had with Dolores in private. Danielle let Teresa Giudice know that Dolores was speaking not so kindly of her. Specifically, that Dolores warned Danielle that Teresa only cared about money and not her friends.

When Danielle let Teresa know about the comment, Teresa was understandably stunned. At the episode’s conclusion, it was brought up in a group discussion that did not end well.

Once hearing the comment, Dolores jumped out of her seat and began yelling at Danielle while putting her finger in her face. She repeatedly called Danielle a “scumbag” and told Teresa to “sleep with one eye open.”

Both ladies stuck to their guns and claimed the other was lying. Teresa didn’t seem to know which friend to believe but ended up leaving with Danielle.

Now in her blog entry released today, Danielle is still sticking to her story. After addressing all the other housewives at the beginning of her post, Danielle then laid into Dolores. She started off by saying she wished she could buy Dolores a thesaurus, referring to her repeated use of the word “scumbag.”


Danielle continued to call Dolores a liar in the blog and said both women know what really happened. Apparently, Dolores dropped her son Frankie off at Danielle’s house to speak with a friend of hers. This was when the mysterious comment was made about Teresa’s loyalty.

The mother-of-two admitted “I am a bitch” and “a little crazy,” essentially agreeing with two of Dolores’s insults. However, she refuted the claims that she is “starving,” “hungry,” and looking for revenge.

Danielle also believes Dolores’s guilt is proven in her reaction to hearing the comment. She feels people don’t overreact like that if they’re innocent. When speaking with People, Danielle said she and Teresa were “on a new path,” and she had no reason to lie to her.


She ended her blog by letting Dolores know she has “a strange talent for remembering things,” and this argument wasn’t going anywhere.

Dolores also released a blog entry today where she omits Danielle’s name altogether. She briefly touched on Teresa questioning her loyalty but strayed from the subject.

Do you think Dolores made the comment about Teresa? Let us know whose side you’re on in the comment section below.

RHONJ airs Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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