The McDonald’s McRib Is Back For A Limited Time At Select Locations: Here’s Where You Can Get Yours

If you’re a McRib aficionado, brace yourself for an early Christmas gift: McDonald’s’ elusive McRib sandwich returned days ago to a select number of fast food locations. And, in keeping with the unofficial tradition, the hamburger giant is only offering the tasty cult classic handheld delicacy while supplies last — and at a limited number of McDonald’s locations.

Don’t worry, the locations among the winners and losers for the McRib mania are included in this post. Additionally, an online tool lets you discover exactly where to grab your treasure at McDonald’s.

According to the McRib Locator, the sandwich began cropping up at various locations across the country on Oct. 30. Alan, an enormous lover of the occasional McDonald’s menu item, created the online application.

The data are crowdsourced and includes copies of receipts and notifications from those who managed to get their hands on a sandwich. A map then shows participating Mickey D’s locations. As stated on the blog, sites on the map with check marks indicate confirmed sightings.

So, what is a McDonald’s McRib sandwich? Mental Floss wrote that the popular meaty sandwich debuted in 1981 as an alternative to the burger. It soon turned into a cultural fixation with a mass following. The demand for the sandwich is based on a combination of things: it’s full of flavor, and because it comes and goes without warning, there’s an inherent mystique about it.


At a glance, the McRib looks like an everyday sandwich with pork meat tucked between a toasted and buttered bun. McDonald’s is mum on its recipe, but sources say the prized jewel is comprised of a whopping “70 different ingredients, the least innocuous of which are ‘pig bits like tripe, heart, and scalded stomach.’ Add in some azodicarbonamide, ammonium sulfate, ethoxylated mono- and diglycerides and … well, you get the idea.”

If you’re in Southern California, participating locations will begin offering the McRib for sale on Thursday, according to Time Money. Hawaii joins the list of select locations on Nov. 7, based on posted tweets from official McDonald’s regional accounts. Over the next two weeks, locations in Minnesota (select Twin Cities locations, only), Nebraska, the Dakotas, and South Carolina are slated to offer the McRib.


Here’s the sad news for many who’ve waited anxiously for the McRib’s return: there’s a handful of McDonald’s locations that are not or “likely” not participating.

  • Centerville, UT
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Denver, CO
  • Scottsbluff, NE
  • Charon, NE
  • Rapid City, SD
  • St. Cloud, MN
  • Duluth, MN
  • Orlando, FL
  • Eastern NY and New Jersey

*Trivia: Why does the McRib come and go? According to the McDonald’s main Twitter account, it’s based on the laws of supply and demand. Furthermore, individual locations use discretion.

Here’s one person who tweeted about their lucky find.


Are you over the moon about McDonald’s’ McRib sandwich? Do you wipe away the special barbecue sauce from your mouth with every bite or at the very end?

Find a participating location near you by clicking on the link here.

[Featured Image by Sorbis/Shutterstock]